Year 2000


Year 2000 Essay, Research Paper

Year 2,000

The year two thousand seems to be on the tip of every ones tongue. From what

will happen to what to expect when it comes. Others believe that these few days

till new years will be the last. Yet there are people who believe nothing will

happen. In either extreme, I believe there needs to be some light shone on the

matter at hand.

Y2K is the shortened version of the year two thousand. If you were to put the

year 1999 in the same way it would be Y1K. I don?t know who originally coined

that phrase but it has defiantly become a worldwide saying. Y2K has struck fear

in people?s hearts and laughter in the souls of others. All because no one

really knows what will happen, when and after Y2K hits.

No one really knows what will happen when and after ?the ball drops?.

Some people have prepared for the worst. They have gone to live in underground

housing, stocked up on food, and cashed out at the banks. They have bought

generators and seeds for growing their own food. Yet others have gone on with

their lives like nothing is going to happen. I believe that something?s will

happen but the world will not end.

The reason I believe this is because of the research I have done and my faith

in the government. President Clinton stated in a press release that there was

nothing to worry about with Y2K. He stated that they have fixed the problem and

not to worry. Although there is reason to doubt what he said because of past

affairs, I believe he was telling the truth.

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