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In my heart, I am an Indian. By law, I am an American. I?ve learned to live the

Indian way at home and the American way outside. By training at home, I have

been able to retain my culture and learn about my religion. By mingling up in

this society, I am learning about American culture and Christianity.

Although I?m surrounded by the American culture most of the time, I have been

able to keep my native culture alive. I speak my native language at home, which

is Hindi. I am learning to read and write in Hindi using the Internet. Our

culture is to respect our elders and especially our teachers. In our culture,

teachers have the highest position in our society. Education is the most

important thing to us. We must get good education. Traditionally, we do not have


undergo stresses caused by disintegrating of families. Another important thing

our culture teaches us is to respect other cultures and


I am one of those very compassionate people who cannot not see anyone in any

kind of pain or suffering. It kills me to see children being torn away from

their parents when their parents divorce. I cannot see children left out in the

world with no one to care for them, with nowhere to live, with nothing to do.

For people and children like these, I always pray to God that in some way, some

time, shows me a way in which I can cut the miseries for these people. I have


hobbies which keep going in the right direction. These help me stay away from

drugs and help me practice abstinence. One of my hobbies is poetry writing.

Poetry helps me express my feeling

towards things like the miseries of people. Another one of my hobbies is singing

in the school choir and playing the flute in the

school band. God has wonderfully blessed me with musical talent that nurtures my

sensitivity. Reading helps me become aware of the world. It shows me the many

problems of this world and I often think what I can do to help the world.

Religion also plays a major role in my life. Without God, for me, there would be

no life. God is the only one to whom I can tell my inner feelings without being

scared of anything or anyone. My dream is to become a pediatrician so that I can

help children, the hopes and aspirations of every society, to live a healthy and

therefore a meaningful life.

I am proud of myself. I am proud of who I am. I have a high self-esteem which

carries me far into life. High self-esteem gives me confidence and the assurance

that I can achieve all my goals if I

have faith in myself. I can also achieve my goals if I keep a strong faith in

God and know the fact that He is with me every step of the way and that He will

keep me on the right track. I am also aware that I must keep working hard in

order to accomplish my dreams. America is made of so many cultures. Living here

has helped me learn about the many cultures and religions of this world. In many

cases, it has helped me appreciate myself, Preeti Kumar, as to the kind of

person I am. Most of all, it has helped me in search for my


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