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Since the 1950’s, the labor force participation rates for women have increased a


Everyday, more women bring home a paycheck. On the other hand, families with


maintained by women are also increasing. More and more women have become the

heads of

families, and they are the financial supports of their families. This statistic

shows that more

women strive to be equal to men, and they do not financially depend on men any


In some traditional countries, women are still doing their housework. They

even do not

have a chance to go to school. But in developed countries, the status of women

is different

from those who live in Third world societies. Women can study whatever they

want. In

modern communication, education has become the major key to getting a

high-income job. If

women want to be equal to men, they must educate themselves. The reason why

women are

not equal to men in some traditional countries is that they financially depend

on their

husbands. They can not live by themselves without men?s paychecks. They can not

find a

good job and be financially independent because they have no knowledge. So the

first step to

be equal to men is to get an education that is on the same level as men. And

that is what

women did in the past two decades. More and more women earned a high-school

diploma or a

college degree. They achieved their goals to be equal to men by educating


Secondly, more women have the opportunity to get a job. Comparing to the

past, when

women stayed home and took care of their children. They got no pay for their

housework, and

they were the burdens of their families. Time passed and many women escaped from


housework and put themselves in the mainstream of society. More women are in


jobs such as engineers, lawyers, judges, managers, and doctors. Since types of

jobs that

women have had changed, their status also changed. They have become more


The Equal Pay Act of 1963 also requires equal pay for men and women working for

the same

firm in jobs that require equal skill, effort, and responsibility. From this

act, we can see many

women are working, and they ask for equal pay to men?s.

Third, women have become the one who keeps the household on track. As usual,

men are

the heads of families, and they do not usually do the housework as their wives

did. But in

recent years, this situation is changing. More and more households are

maintained by women.

The bring home daily foods and products their kids need. They bring home checks

and hire

baby-sisters. They have become the financial supports and the decision makers of

families. In

some single-parent families, women have the responsibility of both father and

mother. On one

hand, they take care of their families. On the other hand, they use what they

earn to satisfy

their children?s biological needs (foods and clothes). Women can also challenge

the burdens

of families, and they can escape dependency on their men.

Women can be equal to men. More women get educated as highly as men, and

they get

equal pay in the same working positions as men. They also can be financially


With the advances, in sector after sector, women are showing that they are just

as competent

as their male counterparts. It is important that adults encourage and support

girls and young

women?s education, especially in fields where females have traditionally been

excluded, for

example in politics and in technical areas. The advance of women can not be

halted, and their

independence should be encouraged to etc.

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