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Communication is very important to your customers. An aspect of communication is personal trade. Personal trade is a customer that comes into your store and asks for you by name. This customer might be someone you spoke with over the phone and a relationship was developed. Or you could have given this customer excellent customer service the last time they were in and they wanted to work with you again. If you are servicing your customers beyond their expectations, they may send their friends, family and acquaintances to see you.

Every day the moment I walk through the door I am informed what and how I need to do things to get the stores profit margin up. I use this information wisely and even try to improve it.

Informing your boss or manager about your schedule is very important, because if your not there how can they do as much as well as if you were there. I have to give notice of any days off I need two weeks in advance. And if I for some reason can not make it to work that day I call the store and talk to Bruse or Cindy; whom ever is there((713)464-1693).

Al’s finds communication to be to priority because a happy customer is a satisfied customer and a satisfied customer will always come back to do business. That’s way they insist on you reading their customer relations’ packet. It helped me and I know it’s helped others.

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