I. Article 1: The Legislative Brancha. section 1: Legislative powers given..b. section 2: Description of the House of Representatives.-Representatives elected every 2nd year-Qualifications of Representatives-Must be a citizen for at least seven years-Must be at least 25 years old-Will not be inhabitant of the state in which he is chosen-Number of Representatives per state-Executive authority fills vacancies-Choose speaker and officers, Sole power to impeach.c. section 3: Description of the Senate-Separation and replacement of senators-Qualifications of Senators-Must be a citizen for at least nine years-Must be at least 30 years old-Will not be inhabitant of the state in which he is chosen-Vice Presidents role in Senate-Choosing of offices and President pro tempore-Power given to try impeachment trials, and guidelines for such trials-Judgment guidelines for impeachment trialsd. section 4: Elections of Senators and Representatives-Guidelines for election of Senators and Representativese. Section 5: Rules of House and Senate-Guidelines for meetings in the Houses-Power to decide rules, punishments, and expulsions given-Guidelines for journals-Guidelines concerning adjourningf. section 6: Compensation and privileges of members-Compensation and Protection from arrest during meetings-Rules concerning holding officesg. section 7: Passage of bills-Revenue bills originate in the House of Representatives-Instructions concerning bills passed in House and Senate-Every order, resolution, and vote must be presented to the Presidenth. section 8: Extent of Legislative power-Taxes, duties, imposts, excises-Borrowing money-Regulation of commerce-Laws about bankruptcy-Processing of money-Punishment for counterfeiting-Post office and post roads-Promote science and arts-Tribunals-Punishments of piracies and felonies on high seas, offenses against law of nations

-War, letters of marque, reprisal, capturing of land and water-Armies-Navy-Regulation of land and naval forces-Calling of militia-Organizing, arming, disciplining, governing, and reserving militia-Exercising exclusive legislation-Necessary and proper clausei. section 9: Limits on Legislative power-migration and importation of persons-Habeas corpus-No attainder or ex post facto law-Capitation or other direct tax-Tax or duty-Preference by regulation of commerce or revenue-Money drawn from treasury-Titles of nobilityj. section 10: Limits on states-No treaties-No posting of duties-No duty of tonnage, keeping troops, ships, entering into agreements, engaging in war

III. Article II : The Presidencya. section 1: Election, Installation, Removal-Rules of term-4 year term-Guidelines of election-Instructions for electors-Time of choosing electors-Guidelines for Presidential candidate-Must be a natural born citizen-Must be 14 years a resident of U.S.-Must be 35 years old-Compensation-Must take Oath or Affirmationb. section 2: Presidential power-Military and pardoning-Treaties and appointment of ambassadors-Filling vacancies in senatec. section 3: State of the Union, receive ambassadors, laws faithfully executed commission officersd. section 4: ImpeachmentIV. Article III : The Judiciarya. section 1: Judicial power givenb. section 2: Extent of Judicial power-Specifics of extent of judicial power-Original and appellate jurisdiction-Trials by juryc. section 3: Treason-Definition and conviction of Treason-Punishment of treasonV. Article IV : The Statesa. section 1: Full faith and credit given-Privileges of citizens-Convicted people who leave state jurisdictionb. section 2: Privileges and immunities, Extradition, Fugitive slavesc. section 3: Admission of Statesd. section 4: Guarantees to States-Republican form of government-Protect against invasion-Protect against invasion when deemed necessary by legislatureVI. Article V : The amendment process-2/3 house of representatives must agree to present amendment-or 2/3 of state legislature must approve- ? of the senate must agree to get it into the constitutionI. Article VI : Legal Status of the ConstitutionA. Bill of rightsa. Amendment 1 : Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition- 1791b. Amendment 2 : Right to bear arms- 1791c. Amendment 3 : Quartering of Troops- 1791d. Amendment 4 : Search and Seizure-1791e. Amendment 5 : Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, Self- Incrimination, Due Process-1791

f. Amendment 6 : Criminal prosecutions – Jury trial, right to confront and counsel-1791

g. Amendment 7 : Common law suits – Jury trial-1791h. Amendment 8 : Excess bail or fines, cruel and unusual punishment- 1791

i. Amendment 9 : Non- Specified Rights-1791j. Amendment 10: Rights reserved to states-1791B. Civil war amendmentsa. Amendment 13: Elimination of slavery-1865b. Amendment 14: Privileges and immunities, Due Process, Equal protection, Apportionment of Representatives, Civil War disqualification and debt-1868

c. Amendment 15: Rights not to be denied on account of race-1870C. 20th century amendmentsa. Amendment 16: Income tax-1913b. Amendment 17: Election of Senators-1913c. Amendment 18: Prohibition-1919d. Amendment 19: Women?s right to vote-1920e. Amendment 20: Presidential term and succession-1933f. Amendment 21: Repeal of prohibition-1933g. Amendment 22: Two term limit on President-1951h. Amendment 23: Presidential vote in D.C.i. Amendment 24: Poll tax-1964j. Amendment 25: Presidential succession-1967k. Amendment 26: Right to vote and age 18-1971

Nathaniel Urbansky Mr. Spickler12/11/98Government

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution of the United States of America

Nathaniel Urbansky Mr. Spickler12/11/98Government

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