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Society Genders

What gender are you? A female or a male, what ever the classification may be, how do you then distinguish your gender role in society, and what factors help you come to a conclusion of your representation. In this case a “Girl”: since I will be discussing a “Girls” orthodox.

In reading, Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender by Holly Devor, Devor points out different attributes of a “Girl” by their genitalia, in this case a female possess a vagina, and a male possess a pennies. Now determining your gender as a “Girl”, there are certain attributes and characteristics that fallow when being a “Girl.”

“Female attributes are like wise postulated to find their source in innate predispositions acquired in the evolution of the species. Feminine characteristics are thought to be intrinsic to the female facility for childbirth and breastfeeding. Hence, it is popularly believed that the social position of females is biologically mandated to be intertwined with the care of children and a “natural” dependency on men for the maintenance of mother-child units”

A “Girl” is to possess femininity by ” passivity and submission.”

Femininity and, by implication, of all biological females are presumed to revolve around heterosexuality and maternity.”?. “Femininity according to this traditional formulation, “would result in worm and continued relationships with men, a sense of maternity, interest in caring for children, and the capacity to work productively and continuously in female occupations.”

” When they keep their arms closer to their bodies, their legs closer together, and their torsos and heads less vertical then do masculine-looking individuals. When they point their toes inward and use their hands in small or childlike gestures, they tend to stand closer to people they see as feminine, often invading their personal space.”

Early in age, a “Girl” receives an inclination, that she is to wear soft pretty colors, such as pink, she is to be passive and submissive, thus a “Girl” is able to distinguish, attitude, and behavior corresponding to her gender. If a “Girl” does not exhibit these attributes, she is looked as not a “Social norm”, and may be look down upon by society. Society is to thank on the do?s and don?ts of how and what a “Girl” can do, and what I feel, has crippled females to demonstrate their full potential.

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