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Brazel’s ranch was from an Army Air Force balloon. The new report

states many new explanations. It

says that “…witnesses are mistaken about when the events they saw

occurred, and they also are seriously mistaken

about details of the events.” The report also states: “Witnesses are

conflating together, several events that occurred

at different times, into a single event, and in every instance, the events the

witnesses saw were normal Air Force

activities.” Surprisingly, the Air Force has never produced a weather

balloon that matches witness

accounts(Rodeghier). According to CUFOS analysts, the report is

“clumsily padded to make it appear lengthy and

impressive”(Rodeghier) Large fonts, wide margins, as well as irrelevant

photos were also used. The new report also

never mentioned or made any effort to interview witnesses that are

still-living(Rodeghier). The Center for U.F.O.

Studies(CUFOS) found several flaws and problems with the new report.

The Air Force considers a man named

Gerald Anderson to be a credible and honest witness, who is simply

mistaken about places, dates, and details. The

CUFOS says that there are no Roswell researchers that believe Gerald

Anderson to be a credible witness. He

“falsified phone records and a diary to support his claims”(Rodeghier).

The Air Force also ignored the testimony of

credible witnesses. A man named Frank Kaufman was involved with the

recovery of the crashed object. Written

notes, belonging to Kaufman, were given to the Air Force before the

report was issued. Nothing pertaining to

Kaufman or his notes appeared in the report(Rodeghier). The Air Force

claims that the wreckage was a type of test

balloon with life-like dummies inside(Rodeghier) “Key witnesses cannot

be placed at any balloon

recoveries”(Rodeghier). The report “appears to depend on the UFO

witnesses having actually viewed balloon and

dummy recoveries. According to CUFOS response to the Air Force

report, “No witness involved in Roswell can be

placed at any recovery.” There is another problem U?e The Truth is Out

There, Somewhere: Roswell, New Mexico

Fifty years ago, in an isolated section of the southwestern desert of New

Mexico, an incident occurred that has yet

to be fully explained. It is referred to as the Roswell Incident. Others refer

to it as “Cosmic Watergate.” Several

people believe that it was a UFO,(unidentified flying object) containing

aliens, that crashed and was recovered by

the government. Others believe that there is no supportive evidence to

back this theory. The government has

released reports and determined the case to be closed. But, the facts

show, life on other planets does exist. In early

July of 1947, the incident began with several reports of a glowing object

in the sky about 9:50P.M. during a large

storm. The next morning, it was evident that something had crashed into

the land tended by rancher, W.W. “Mac”

Brazel(UFO Phenomenon 39). The strange debris was found scattered

over a large portion of his ranch. It consisted

of a “tinfoil-like substance, strands of wire, small metallic rods covered

with indecipherable writing, and pieces of

parchment-like paper”(UFO: Enigma 63). “Mac” collected a few scraps

and carried them to the local sheriff,

George Wilcox(Jeffrey). He was baffled at what he saw and contacted

the Roswell Army Air Field, “home of the

world’s only atomic attack unit”(UFO: Enigma 63). Colonel William

Blanchard, commander of the 509th Bomb

Group, ordered Major Jesse A. Marcel to investigate the matter. He was

the group’s intelligence officer. An entire

day was spent at Brazel’s ranch. The material was surveyed and then

loaded into two vehicles. Reports say that the

material was then transferred “onto a B-29 and flown to Carswell Air

Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas”(UFO:

Enigma). Several tests were conducted on the debris. Shortly before

Marcel’s death in 1978, he confessed and told

researchers that the material was “nothing made on earth”(UFO: Enigma

63). He told them of tests that were

conducted. It turns out that the material could not be dented with a

16-pound sledgehammer, nor burned with a

blowtorch. During Marcel’s interview, he also stated that the material was

no thicker than “the tinfoil in a pack of

cigarettes”(UFO: Enigma 63). Around the same time as Brazel’s

discovery, Grady L. Barnett, who was more than

100 miles away from Roswell, came across what appeared to be a

portion of a ‘flying disc’(UFO: Enigma 63).

According to Barnett, four small dead bodies lay beside it. They had “frail

limbs, and disproportionately large heads

with big slanted eyes”(UFO: Enigma). Barnett also says that he found the

bodies “encased in tight one-piece, gray

suits with no visible fastenings(UFO: Enigma). The military was quickly on

the scene. Grady Barnett and other

spectators were ushered away and told never to speak of the

incident(UFO: Enigma). Colonel Blanchard issued a

press release that told of the “recovery of a crashed disk” as well as the

recovery of inhumane bodies(Jeffrey). The

release was approved by Lieutenant Walter Haut and sent out to media

around the country. It made the headlines in

more than thirty afternoon newspapers that day(Jeffrey). Hours later,

General Roger Ramey, who was stationed in

Fort Worth Texas, more than 400 miles from the crash site,

“retracted”(Carey) the first release and issued a second

press release stating that there was a “misunderstanding in

communication”(Jeffrey). Further press coverage was

restricted(Carey). He stated that the “509th Bomb Group at Roswell

made an unbelievably foolish mistake and

somehow incorrectly identified a weather balloon and its radar reflectors

as the wreckage of a ‘flying disk’”(Jeffrey).

There was one thing known for sure by the public: One of the press

releases was false. There is solid tewith the

statement that dummies occupied the balloon. “All anthropomorphic

dummies were the size of adult males because

only men were pilots in those years”(Rodeghier). “Witnesses to the bodies

all report that the aliens were small and

child-like in size (about four feet tall)”(Rodeghier). Efforts are still being

made to retrieve withheld government

information pertaining to the Roswell incident. Researchers are still trying

to find answers. There has to be someone,

somewhere, that knows the truth. One thing is for sure, we know that the

truth is out there, somewhere. The

information proves it, UFO’s and extraterrestrial life do exist.

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