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Roger & Me

Roger & Me is a documentary movie. It s also a comedy. It starts out in documentary style, but then it becomes hilarious. That s why I enjoyed watching it. It was really serious and funny at the same time.

Michael Moore is the one that made that movie. It s about closing of General Motors in Flint, Michigan. The CEO of GM, Roger Smith laid off 33,000 workers. Michael Moore is exposing what s happening to Flint using his camera and microphone. Everything in that movie looks so real to me. There were moments that I felt that I m behind the camera.

Roger & Me shows us the effect of a failed economy on its people. Michael s main goal is to get to interview Roger Smith. While he was trying to do that, he was talking to former workers of GM. They were evicted from their homes, sent to prison, reduced to peddling Amway products, and selling rabbits as pets or meat. The scene when the lady was demonstrating how to kill and skin the rabbit was disgusting. That was the only part of the movie that I didn t like.

In my opinion, the movie was great. It was really funny. Moore did a great job recording the devastation of Flint and the desperate, often unintentionally hilarious attempts of the citizens and the city officials to deal with the catastrophe.

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