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The perfect man is said to be hard to find, but I believe there is someone for every person. Sometimes a man is not perfect when you meet him, but he may have some qualities you like. If you are young some men will grow and mature into someone, you love. Dating is a search for the perfect man and a soul mate. Therefore, I only date men that have some characteristics of my perfect man.

I want a man that is supportive, affectionate, fascinating, artistic and well balanced. I want a man that will support me in every endeavor and stand by my side no matter what. He has to have a spirit of creativity. I do not want a man that bores me; he has to keep my attention. My man has to be well rounded and knowledgeable in many areas.

He needs to have a vibrant personality, and he has to be generous, caring, open, loving, and sympathetic. He should be open with me at all times, and able to tell me everything. I want a man who loves me and is not afraid to express it. He should be capable of expressing himself. He has to be willing to do anything for me as I would do for him.

He has to be confident, noble, strong, and courageous. My man has to be able to defend himself not necessarily physically but verbally and mentally. He has to be able to protect his family. A man should not have to be motivated he should be self-motivated. I do not want my man to show shame, confidence is the key.

I enjoy optimism and mental stimulation. Together we should be able to discover and understand more than we could alone. I have to have intellectual freedom. When I am indecisive, he can help me make decisions He also needs to allow me intellectual space and not be too overbearing or bossy. I also like having heated debates and I want a man that will debate with me without getting angry because I am only doing it for fun and an intellectual challenge. He has to listen to me and allow me to have my own opinion. I want a man that is a leader and provides inspiration.

I enjoy longs walks and long hugs. I like conversing about educational, informational, and interesting topics. I need a man who likes to do the things I like to do. I need someone that will not spoil me but make me feel special all the time. In addition, I want a man who is willing to compromise. I do not want a man that is never willing to change his mind.

I know the perfect man for me is out there somewhere. I will never settle for any man with less than all the characteristics of my perfect man. I will date a man with only some of the characteristics but by the time we get married he will be able to be described with all of these characteristics and more.

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