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How to Make the First Date a Good One

Dating is not for dummies. In order to make your first date a successful one you need to master three main areas: your planning, your dressing, and your attitude.

When it comes to planning your date there are many things to watch for. Your atmosphere is one of them. While picking your atmosphere keep one thing in mind, “The golden rule”, no kissing on the first date. So stay away from the make out parties and no doubling with the kinky couples. Seeing other people kiss only puts you and your date in an awkward position. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your date, is your date. If your date is afraid of water, water skiing wouldn’t be a very good idea. Try to pick something your date likes to do. Always remember your date is not a mind reader. If she needs to dress accordingly let her know. Always give her a time when you’re going to pick her up, and don’t be late.

Now that you have your date and you know what you’re doing, it’s time to get ready. Let’s start with the obvious; brush your teeth, comb your hair, and take a shower. Nobody wants to date a smelly slob. Dressing right is very important, and very easy to do. You’re not a circus clown so don’t dress like one. Dressing to radical is not only embarrassing for you, but embarrassing for your date as well. Always dress for the date itself. For example, if you’re going to a nice restaurant for dinner, you don’t want to wear your two piece swimming suite. Last but not least, dress to the time and place. You don’t live in Wyoming and you weren’t born in the seventy’s, need I say more.

Attitude is probably the most important area of all. Having a good attitude takes a lot of tension off the date and makes it a lot more fun. You always want your date to think that you like her and that you are having a good time. I don’t care if they look like a whale, always tell your date they look nice. It makes them feel a lot more comfortable. Don’t be to shy, but don’t be to forward. Either one can scare your date away. Always try to keep conversation, silence is deadly. Never talk about your x-girlfriends or x-boyfriends. It only makes you look like you miss them, and makes your date feel stupid. It’s always nice to walk your date to the door and thank them for their company. And if you feel lucky maybe a peck on the cheek.

Your planning, your dressing, and your attitude are very important areas. If done correctly your first date can be a very fun and successful one.

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