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Curt Farris Farris 1

Government 2302

Dr. Gilmore

5 October, 2000

Well I watched the debate on Tuesday night, and rather enjoyed it; surprisingly. Since the race is so close, this was a very important step toward getting the “undecided” to pick; or at least to lean one way or another in the way that they will vote. I find it difficult to believe that the events Tuesday night would lead anyone to make a final decision, much less change anyone’s mind about who “their candidate” should be.

While I believe that Gore won on the debating end hands down, I also think he made a complete ass of himself in the process. He continuously stretched and broke the rules of the debate, (which, by the way he and Bush agreed on) by going over the allotted time again and again. He also made a point of getting the last word every time, even on arguments that he started. On the other hand, Gore controlled the entire debate. He attacked Bush’s tax and Social Security plans relentlessly. And always turned the subject (no matter what or at whom the question was directed) around to the point that he wanted to make. Like Clinton, he is a great politician; but does that make him a better man?

While Bush went on and on about “fuzzy math”, Gore ran away with the debate. However, Bush made some strong points along the way (Mostly with a blank stare on his

face). He trashed the current administration on questionable campaign finance, and kept with my favorite line of the debate; “You’ve had eight years to get it done, and now you’re campaigning on it for the third time”, (referring to drugs for seniors, as well as medicare and other issues) I

Farris 2

thought that was great. Bush also made it a point, whenever possible, to link Gore with Clinton and without directly saying it, not to let people forget all the scandal and circus-like atmosphere that he has brought to the office. I think that Bush will do better in the debates to come, with different formats; more one-on-one, more personal.

I’m still undecided, on one hand you have Gore; this man agrees to legislation that go against everything the constitution sets forth as inalienable rights (i.e. Gun control and big government that takes the power away from the people) and doesn’t give it a second thought, I believe he thinks the “Bill of Rights” was just an inside joke in Washington. And then we have the Governor of our great state, who sadly, doesn’t know his *censored* from his elbow.

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