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All men desire and aspire to be something more then they are, whether it is, stronger, better looking, or more intelligent. One character that has it all is a British Secret service agent. He is good with a gun, excellent with the women, and seems to have knowledge about everything. There is not a situation too complex, problem too small, or villain too evil for this man. He stays cool in hot situations and does everything with style and grace. The different parts of James Bonds characteristics make him the perfect man.

James Bond is not scared of a confrontation. In every James Bond movie the British Secret Service Agent gets into a dozen fights, at minimum, and he can take care of himself in these fights. An example of this skill is in Moonraker. Bond manages to successfully fight and kill a professional marshal artist. James ends up throwing his opponent out of a three-story window onto a piano. It is not just fist fighting he is good at. When it comes to automobile confrontations, and car chases he is the best. In Diamonds Are Forever, James Bond wards off several Las Vegas Police Officers. Bond is fortunate to be driving a Mach 0ne, Ford Mustang. Several of the squad cars manage to force Bond to drive into a semi-full parking lot. The next scene is a classic. James drives through this lot as if it were a maze and the squad cars try to follow him. Of course all the squad cars eventually crash into something and Bond is left without a scratch on his cherry red Mustang. Bond always fights with class and has a smart remark to the villain he has just defeated. In Goldfinger, Bond gets into a fight and throws the bad guy into a tub full of water. Then with his quick thinking he drops an electric heater into the tub, giving his opponent a lethal amount of electrical shock. With all the confidence in the world James says ?-Shocking, simply shocking?.

With James Bond it is all about confidence. When James Bond talks to a gorgeous woman, he does it with confidence, class and style; the viewer has to see what is coming next. An example of Bonds confidence would be in The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond is paired up with his Russian counterpart, who just happens to be a woman. She is the kind of woman known as a head turner because everyone stops what they are doing to see this gorgeous woman. Bonds Russian counterpart has a deep hatred for Mr. Bond because of past confrontations. Somehow at the end of the movie James Bond ends up with the Russian beauty. Bond talks to this woman as if he is in complete control of the situation, and of course he saves her life at the end of the movie. Then in Man with the Golden Gun, Bonds love interest is the bad guys? girlfriend. Throughout the movie James is smooth around women. By the end Bond kills the villain, rescues the girl and sails off into the sunset with her, for a change. It is not always simple like that. Throughout every James Bond movie, Bond manages to out do his last adventure by something twice as clever.

Not only is James Bond a good fighter; and great with the ladies, but he can also think on his feet. James is a clever man; he uses the resources around him to his advantage and his opponents disadvantage. Then in Living Daylights, James Bond uses a cello case as a two-person sled, for his lady friend and himself. The two ride the cello case down a snow covered mountain, while being chased by half of the Russian Army. Bond used the actual cello as a control device for the makeshift sled. Of course he makes it to safety by crossing the border into another country. Then in Live and Let Die, Bond was in a swamp stuck on a little island surrounded by alligators. For any other person this would be a fatal situation, but James Bond is not just any other person. When James Bond sees an opportunity, he takes it. The alligators lined up, getting ready to eat Mr. Bond, so James runs and hops from each alligators head to the next, avoiding the deadly jaws of the reptiles. Bond did it like a kid hopping from rock to rock to get across a creek. The line of alligators leads James to safety. Quick thinking and a little good luck is something James Bond has a lot of.

Though, a lot of James Bond movies are purely fiction, and could never actually happen in real life, he still shows characteristics that everyone wants. When people get involved car chases with the police they almost never get away, never mind doing it in a parking lot. Steeling an enemies girl friend is a skill just about all men would want. The characteristic that is most desired would have to be Bonds quick thinking and ability to change a situation around to his advantage. It is not just spies that could benefit from the ability to think quickly; everyone can use it.


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