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Choose one of these that you believe to be the most important function of art criticism. Using the function as your guide, write a short critical essay of the work titled Global Groove by Nam June Paik.?Offer insight into the relationships between art and life, and science, economics, politics, religion, ethic, etc? is believed to be the most important function of art criticism. In the following, we are going to discuss video art. Video is surely the most popular media in the world, it does contains a lot of information about sports, news, entertainment? As much as we can think of, it is provided to us by video, which subs in a lot of imaginations. In order to figure out what relationships between art and life, we use Global Groove by Nam June Paik as an example.

Through the develop of camera and video cam, the photography has become very common in our daily life. In a time that over 70% of household own at least one camera, it shows how technological devices influence us. Global Groove is an example of video in 1970s. In the meantime, it is unusual to perform the video in the way that Paik did. He performed the video by lots of textual makeup to a high-spirited, and raids of seditious editing. This combination is the result of our economic, politics and religious.

In 1973, Global Groove was produced. In the meantime, Paik began to produce a series of video, Global Groove is one of those. Video art is the same meaning of technology. It is significant that artists use video as a media and the imaginations combined with technical skills. Just as the same as in Global Groove, it uses the audio and video integration, colorization, ironic resemblance to push forward the development of both art and technology.

Paik?s Global Groove represents a new form of art. Not only that, it also show us how important to try. He gives us area to think more significantly. We all know that creativity is needed in all kinds of area, and art is a media to raise our creativity, or try to wake up our spirit. Therefore, art is a very important subject in life. It improves our imaginations, expresses our feelings, and gives us area to form new creations? It does have a lot of value in life.

All in all, without art, lives will be so dull. Without art, we do not have entertainment and technology. Everything started in art and expand into other kinds of subject. It is art to give us so much. No wonder, ?Offer insight into the relationship between art and life, and science, economics, politics, religions, ethics, etc? is the foremost function of art criticism.Choose one purpose that you believe to be the least important function of art criticism. Write a short essay explaining why you hold this opinion.? Convince viewers they have undervalued an object of art because they had not tried to understand or study it? is believed to be the least important function of art criticism. For instance, Global Groove by Nam June Paik is the kind of art that we don?t need to be familiar with the elements of it in the order to appreciate or dislike it. Sometimes a lot of viewers undervalued an object not just because they did not understand or study it. It is more often that the values depend on cultural, religions, and other kinds of social context.

Although there is a possibility after we help them to understand the art, the viewers may be more touched by the piece, but maybe not. In my own experience, although I was helped to study about Global Groove, I still don?t have any special comments about it. Even we understand the content, learn to identify, and participate in the traditional and non-traditional art forms of their own communities and of the others, we still have hypos in our basic sense.

Deep down in our heart there is a guideline, which tell us what kind of art are our favorites and what kind is not our type. Global Groove is a kind of new form of art, it might seem amazing to someone, or it might have a lot of influence to us. However, all of us are normal, but special. We have our own kind to appreciation. Therefore, it is showed encourage the viewer to understand the art might not help.

In additionally, the true value of art is complicated. The true definition of art has contained too much confusion. Global Groove contains a lot of texture makeup and kind of high-spirited. Is that everyone can figure out the true value of it? It seems impossible to reach the level of art within a short period by just touching a little part of it. On the other hand, if we do not have a lot of concepts about art, we can sub in our basic feelings in order to become closer to the art. Therefore, helping the viewers to understand the piece is not necessary.

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