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The school psychologist is a good example

of how psychology is an aspect of everyday life, as well as in education.

Academic difficulties, behavioral problems, social skills, family stresses and

community pressures are all issues, which may arise in a school on a daily

basis. As well as being committed to the development of the full potential of

each child, a school psychologist is also trained to deal with a wide range of

problems which confront parents, teachers and administrators also.Frequently the school psychologist is a

pupil?s first introduction to the idea of psychology and its importance in

society, as well as offering neutral advice and strategies on sensitive

personal issues. It is vital that children have a body of support for many

different reasons, which is what makes the duties of a school psychologist so

unique.All this said, it is common for many

children to regard a psychologist as some one you visit if something is ?wrong

with you?. The many benefits that could be achieved personally and academically

never become apparent, in some cases, because of the fear of being branded

?difficult? by peers and adults alike. I think that often the decision for a

student to meet a school psychologist, is often not the idea of the student, it

is arranged with exclusion of the child until details of the appointment are

disclosed. I feel this Process, possibly, does not reassure and

put to rest any negative ideas the student may have about a psychologist and

why he or she is being sent to see one. I am sure different educational

institutions have their own methods of alleviating this problem. It is also,

usually, true to say that many of the beneficial changes a student may

experience within the school system are probably a result of painstaking

research and analysis done by the school psychologist on behalf and as a

representative of the children themselves. It seems a shame that a person should not

receive the recognition he or she deserves from the person or people they are

helping, but can only assume that the psychologists themselves are quite

content not to be ?in the limelight? when there may be important statistics to

analyze.In America, where I would assume that

serious social difficulties are at the forefront of problems within their

education system, it would appear that American psychologists? focus is on the

community as a whole, and attempting to bring to peoples minds the benefits of

living and being educated within a healthy society. I found this extremely

surprising. I was expecting to find research and information, lots of it,

tackling the negative aspects of schools in America such as violence, weapons

and gangs. Instead much of the literature I read seemed intent on promoting the

positive, such as prevention, collaboration, support systems, and forming of

communities ? to include use of the Internet to form small communities. The

Internet in general, certainly is more pivotal in America than in the United

Kingdom in becoming a tool for creating communities, sharing information

and generally communicating, although we are following their path,

progressively, everyday. So, although these two different countries have issues

we would assume to be the over riding problem, the objectives and methods of

reaching them are very similar.Additionally. A school psychologist has an

important part to play regarding health within the educational institute where

he or she is employed. This is an aspect of psychology that may not figure in

the perceptions of a layperson. In fact the discipline of school psychology is

the only one among education related fields to prepare its professionals to

understand and integrate psychology, education, and health perspectives.? By collaborating with teachers,

administrators, and parents on many different health issues a psychologist can

use this communication as a problem solving network, and a means to monitor the

efficiency of the chosen solution as well as the continuous modification of

interventions as necessary. Prevention of health issues that could affect a

child?s school progress in school is often tackled using school-wide programs

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arise among pre-school children. It would appear that the involvement of the

school psychologist here is to help plan for and monitor pre-school programs,

and to identify potential difficulties of these very young children. However,

developments of procedures for use in management of school or community crisis

situations are relevant to everyone.

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