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The dictionary defines integration as a way to make schools, parks, and other facilities available to people of all races on an equal basis. Before 1960, both black and white americans alone have basically lived seperately, in society itself, but kind of in their own way. Now of course in todays society integrating blacks and whites, isn t as quite as a problem that it used to be during the 1960 s and 1970 s.

Now during the time periods 1960 and 1970, integration was introduced into the white schools. The reason this was able to happen, is because before 1960 all of the black schools were unequal in comparison to the white schools having better facilities and more useful supplies to be taught with. Thus resulting in discrimination against the blacks ability to be educated at the same rate as the white schools.

As a result of this, the majority of the white society came together and rebeled against the governments decision to integrate schools. Such problems that occered during this whole dispute was rioting, both outside the schools and inside as well. Which then resulted in the black society to stand up for themselves and become more involved in what s going on. Because of this whole disagreement between the two races, the black students that attend the integrated schools, well they were caught in between everything that happened and everywhere.

In conclusion, I feel that because of society changing so quickly back then, equality itself had a chance to turn out very much successful. Now on the other hand I felt that even though the timing was just perfect for this to happen, integration wasn t. I feel that it didn t have enough time to evolve into society. Such reason that because of it s eagar ability to become one with society, it could as very well leave another loop hole to which more problems could occur. Such that in the early 1800 s, around 160 years since integration was introduced. White settlers took vast areas of land from the American Indians and then forced them into moving on reservations.

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