My Hair Turned Green


My Hair Turned Green Essay, Research Paper

Title- My Hair Turned Green

Three girls were in school talking about Spring Break. After school the 3 girls their names are Melissa, Abigail, and Julia they went to their meeting spot for their club called the 3p.m. club. Then the girls stared talking about how they needed money because they were going into

highschool and they wanted the boys to see them.


I liked this chapter because the girls have a club and their goal is to make money. From the title of the book I think one of the girls hair will turn green. I think it would be kind of neat to have green hair. I also think that the girl that is trying out for the play will get the part because probably the one who’s hair turns green will get it because they think it is probably the right look for their play.

Chapter 2

The girls went downstairs from their meeting spot and saw Abigail’s aunt Abbey was down their. She gave them a book on how to make their own make up. The next day at school the girls decided to go into the make up business. Where they would make it then sell it. So they done some research on it.

Opinion- I liked this chapter because the girls are going to start their own business with old recipes from 1902. I don’t think the recipes will be very good I think it will make the girl’s face break out and the girls face will turn all red But I think they will make a little bit of money because there are probably girls stupid enough to by it.

Chapter 3

The girls made all of the stuff then they tried out some of it after they took a shower they put on the after body stuff and their was a ingredient missing so they thought they could just use peroxide instead it made their body sting so they had to get back in the shower and they just put moose in their hair and all of that came out. Then they started calling girls to see if they wanted to buy any of it but they only got one order. So the next day they decided to call the girls and tell them to come over and see their new make up and stuff. They got 15 girls to come over then all the girls were talking about how they liked Melissa’s brother Walt so the girls said that Walt liked all of the stuff so the girls would buy it. They made $46 the girls thought they would make more.


I liked this chapter because the girls made up the story to get the girls to buy the stuff. I think they will get Walt to be a salesman for they can sell more stuff. I thought $46 was good for their first day.

Chapter 4

The girls decided they would go to the mall to try on wigs to see how they would look. They tried on a lot of wigs. But none of them looked good on them. Then as they were walking out they seen Melissa’s sister Walt. They knew he shouldn’t of been there because he was grounded then they went down and talked to them. When they got ready to leave Walt’s friend John asked Melissa out on a date again.

Opinion- I liked this chapter because the girls are going to hold that Walt was there when he was grounded against him in case they ever do anything they aren’t supposed to do. I think Melissa will go out with John. I think they will earn enough money to do what they want to with their hair.

Chapter 5-

The girls start getting ready to open up their hair salon. They done all of the stuff they needed to do to Julia’s garage. Then they had a problem they didn’t know who’s hair they could cut then they decided to black mail Walt. So they went to Melissa’s house. Then they told John and Walt to come downstairs. So then they told them their deal. Then John asked Melissa out again and she said yes.


I liked this chapter because the girls are going to have their first costumer and they black mailed Walt. I think the girls will give Walt a good haircut. I think Melissa and John will have fun on their date and they will start going out.

Chapter 6-

The girls got up early to get the shop ready then at 10:00 all of the girls came then Walt came. While Abigail was studying her book on how to cut hair. Then they washed Walt’s hair then they started to cut just as Abigail went to cut one of the girls sneezed and Walt jumped. And it took a big old chunk out of his hair but Walt didn’t notice it yet. Then she finished Walt started to look at it he liked it till he seen the big old chunk missing out of his hair then he got mad and left.


I liked this chapter because I thought it was kind of funny that all of them girls went their early to see Walt get his haircut. I think Walt should shave his head. I think all of the girls won’t get their haircut now they will be afraid they will mess up on their hair to. I thought it was kind of funny that Walt got a chunk took out of his hair. I think Walt will get mad at his sister Melissa. I don’t think Walt will ever let them cut his hair again.

Chapter 7-

John and Walt got out of sight the 3 girls talked some of the other girls into letting them do stuff to them. None of the girls’s stuff turned out very good. The girls didn’t get paid because none of the girls liked the stuff they got done. After the girls had left the 3 girls decided they would do stuff on each other.


I liked this chapter because the girls aren’t going to give up. They are going to keep trying to make money.

Chapter 8

The girls started to put the perm and hair dye stuff in their hair. Then Melissa cut Abigail’s hair really short. Abigail hated it. Then Melissa’s hair turned green from the stuff that curls hair. Julia’s hair turned four different colors.


I liked this chapter because I thought it was kind of funny what happened to the girls. I bet the 3 girls get made fun of a lot because their hair don’t look very good or they might go to the beauty shop in the mall and get their hair fixed.

Chapter 9-

The girls dressed up in costumes and got their money then went to the barber shop and got their hair fixed. They really liked their haircuts. On the way home they met John and Walt they decided they would go to a highschool baseball game and take the girls with them.


I liked this chapter because the girl at the barber shop was able to fix the girls’s hair that it looked really nice. And the girls get to go on a date with the boys they like. I think they will have fun at the baseball game.

Chapter 10

Walt and John came over and picked the girls up. Then the boys started talking about how good they looked with their haircuts. When they got to the ball game Julia said she was going to get everybody something to eat. It took her four innings because when she came back she had a boy with her. And they talked the rest of the game and they didn’t even watch the game. Then they left and went to Julia’s house and spent the night.


I liked this chapter because the girls got to go out on a date with the older boys. I thought it was funny that Julia liked a geek.

Whole Book Opinion-

I liked this book because the girls kept trying they never gave up.

The End!

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