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Small Town

Jim?s death was something he has been asking for quiet a while. Playing pranks and cheating on his wife. Evan though all the wrong things he did he sure was loved by his friends. The narrator?s attitude toward Jim Kendall and his pranks slowly reveal the backbiting nature of small-town life and of the narrator himself.

The narrator knew Jim extremely well and the whole town. Everyday was routine for the entire; everyone knew everyone and everyone gossiped about everyone. It was a small town which soon would have some mystery?s. Whitey the narrator worked with Jim Kendall in the Barber Shop. He knew all the jokes and stories that jim told by heart. When Jim died a big part of the Barber Shop died as well. Jim kept the shop very comical and relaxing. Whitey sure did miss him and his crazy pranks.

Before Jim?s tragic death there was a situation that was revealed to us by the narrator. A woman named Julie Gregg was introduced in the story, a woman in which Jim was interested. Though she was rather disgusted by him due to the fact that he was married. He did try to pursue her, but it got him nowhere. Julie Gregg was interested in another man. She was head over heels in love with the new Doc. The only reason the narrator knew all this was because of all the gossip that goes around in this small-town.

Jim Kendall found out about the love that Julie had for the Doc and that is when everything begins to heat up rather quickly. Jim saw Julie always walking by the Doc?s office almost everyday just to see if he was in there.

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