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Different hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. In the past four decades hairstyles have changed dramatically. Hair has gone from classy to simple to wild and now to chic. Hair styles are a way to express yourself without words. From the ?60s to 2001 hair has made big changes and it is going to keep changing as long as there are stars in the world. People want to be as beautiful as all of the stars. Stars play a big role on styles that come out. Hair styles play an even bigger role on society.

In the ?60s hair styles made two big changes. In 1963 Vidal Sassoon reinvented the hair style that is called the bob. The style was short and straight and curled under. It was a simple cute look for girls. Short hair was the new thing to have. The super model Twiggy sported the short cropped cut. Later on the style was changing. In the late sixties long hair came in. The hair was long and untamed. It was a symbol of being a rebel. They were rebelling against the establishment. They were called hippies. Hippies used their untamed hair to show rejection against the established moral codes. African Americans were tired of trying to look like white Americans. They did not want to bleach or try to straightening their hair anymore. They came out with their own style. The style was called the afro. The afro was started by young African American teenagers. ?In the 1960?s and the early ?70s the afro symbolized the end of the ?conservative? civil rights era and the dawn of the more militant Black Power Movement? (Madden SL4).

In the early ?70s the afro soon became just another fashion. With an afro wig anyone could wear the style. ?Today the afro is more likely to be remembered as an icon of seventies ?funk? rather than the uniform of a guerrilla? () Fashion basically determined the hair in the 1970?s. They went back to the ?30s for some ideas. In this time men looked at woman and wanted long hair. They thought of long hair as more feminine. Men saw long hair as a sign of weakness. They thought that she wasn?t a strong woman. The style was long hair. Blonde was very big. Hair was worn long and wavy. Woman were going for soft waves. Everything was a little more natural. Farrah Faucet was the icon of this decade. She had the long, blonde hair with off the face flips. Many woman wanted the style. Another icon was The Partridge Family?s, Susan Dey. She had the long straight hair. In this time era everything was calm and pretty. I think that everything in this time was very beautiful. Everything looked feminine.

The ?80s was a crazy time. The styles were outrageous and out of control. Every style was meant to be loud in its display. The styles in this decade went out and may never return except for maybe appearances at ?80s dances. Asymmetrical haircuts were big. They were bangs that covered one eye-the top part of the hair including bangs was dyed blonde and there was a short part of the hair that was whatever the person?s natural hair color.

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