Mental Illnesses


Mental Illnesses Essay, Research Paper

1 – Authors Style -Diction -Fugues of Speech / Vocabulary -Syntax, Sentence Structure

Speak Action Reaction

3 – Alienation A turning away from withdraw or detachment from one society or environment.

-Psychological : Talking to hollyhocks -Emotional : Feeling alienated because of what you feel -Physical : Being away from people -Social : Being away from people like you -Geographical : E.g.. Santa Clause is alienated. Away from the rest of the world

Alienation is the theme of the story.

4 – Mental Illness Term used to describe abnormal behavior

Alcoholism : The uncontrollable desire fro alcohol/

These are both illnesses treated together : Physical, Social Factors – Childhood : Parents didn’t care : Too over protective : Post experiences : Hereditary

All causes of mental illnesses also know as multi-factorial

6 – 11 Ungelating : Rolling motion. Forlorn : Sad, depressed.

Venn Diagram

Oxymoron : Two things contradicting each other

2 – SchizophreniaBrain decease – Disorder in feeling – Relating to others 1 out of 100 become schizophrenia.

Some causes

-Genetic -Bio Chemical -Nutritional

Symptoms : Illusions : Withdrawal form people : Poor hygiene : Strange speech patterns : Odd beliefs : Magical Superstitions

Mediations : There are different medication for different symptoms : They block the actions of neuro transmitters

Psychotic – Out of touch from reality and cannot distinguish unreal from real.

Symptoms : Sense of helplessness and gloom : Grief : Anxiety : Irritability : Falling out of relationships

Alcohol – overdose Drugs – Alcohol abuse

Medication – Tranquilizers ( eliminate symptoms of psychotics ) Side effects – Yellowing of the eyes and skin – Sore throughout, fever.

Psyconurotic – Over clean

7 – 8 -Shock treatments (2 Types)-Drug induced Uses insulin, it was abandoned in the 40 – 50’s because people had seizures.-Electric Convulsive Uses relaxation drugs. Two electrodes are placed on temples. Electric pulse is sent and brain has seizure.(Uses to treat depression, Schizophrenia, mania)Causes memory loss.Used as punishment for uncooperative patients.

Manic CycleMental health problems

Usually happens to people between 35 – 458/1000 People-Polar-Bipolar -Extreme reactions to feelingsdoes not effect.3 phases-Depressive : Person deeply anxious.-Normal : Normal and appears to have been cured.-Manic : Highly active and yells a lot and none senseical in speech. -Chromosome 11 is a defective Jean.-

-Time of stages varies from minutes to days to months.

Treatment -E.C.T. Electrical convulsive treatment. -Some people commit suicide while other people are socially alienate, they rely on drugs and/or alcohol.

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