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The first section of the packet explained the meaning of personality and how decisions and actions are based on your personalities. It also goes on about how various religions contribute to the forming of a positive personality. At the end of the section, it brings up God s involvement in the construction personality, which appears frequently throughout the packet.

The next three sections go on about the importance of your values, actions, and self-image. It makes a point of saying that you should not change your values or actions in order to fit in with the “in crowd” or to be popular, but you should build your personality on the values of which are important to you and of which affect your life.

In the last four sections of the packet, it explains how Christianity plays a major role in your personality. It also touched basis on relationships and special relationships( with family). It says that the key to a good relationship is to just be yourself, which is also a key to being a good person. As for sexuality, the packet explains how men and women are equally curious about sex, even though women are more outward with it. The problem with men is that they are ashamed to bring up the topic with their fellow males because it may question their ego. In the last sections, it explains the value of your decision making. Good decisions come from experiences and a solid basis of what your values in life are. You must also have knowledge in order to make good, mature, decisions.

After reading this material, I realized the importance of values. Without values, you wouldn t really know what your purpose of living is. I also realized that there is a lot I didn t know about building a positive personality and developing a positive relationship with the opposite sex. I was interested in how every topic that was discussed could be supported by facts of Christianity and related to God. A major thing that I learned from reading this material is that the better you know yourself, then the better off you will be in building an ideal personality and that Christianity has a big influence on who we are. The only way to build a good personality is through maturity and having worldly experiences in which you should learn from.

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