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Before the late 19th century, there was only the printed word to convey information to the masses. Since then, the, the world has seen and embraced new technology, which not only enhanced society communication but mass media itself as well. We use mass media mainly to entertain, communicate and persuade these three factors are the motives that help influence society. Persuasion is used through advertising, it s done so by portraying the consumers to what they want to see and how it should and shouldn t be. For entertainment there s usually television and movies, which has some mimicry of society and also a lot of exaggeration that slowly drowns out the true reality of our interrelated and independent society. It s a media effect that s started the evolution of knowledge in our society.

Mass media has also had an influence on Pop Art. Webster s dictionary definition of mass media: a means of communication, that is to say, mass media is a way of sending a message to a vast number of people. Pop Art is an art movement that focuses on popular culture of mainly mass media. Roy Lichtenstien, one of the founders of pop art and a pop artist who uses the techniques of animation in comic artistry. It is through animation society can be portrayed, under so much consumption of media it ends up being exggerated and I quote Comic animation is an exaggeration of the truth , actor Samuel Jackson says on the movie Unbreakable. In some of Roy Lichtenstiens work they have been discribed as super-cliches or pop-cliches which is justifying that his work shows a lot of stereotype ideas and issues, for example a work called We Rose Up Slowly , is like a underwater film close-up of a young and attractive couple (two different sexes that is) who are about to kiss. Their faces practically mirror each other in shape and colour, this symmetrical concept or technique has a sense of balance or perfection.

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