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The differences between boys and girls are the result from the combination between nature and nurture. These two elements not only build up someone s behavior but also have different kind of influences. Both elements cannot be separated because it played in different times and different situation. Since we cannot change or control our heredity, but we can change our environment, we still have a chance to helping our children in order to ensure that children get the best change to develop their individual talents.

Many people learn and asking whether the differences between boys and girls came from, one side they said the differences was dominated by nature or our heredity, and one side said that those differences came from our environment, and the other side said that those came from both of side, nature and nurture. I prefer agree with the last opinion, because its true that someone s behavior came from those two elements. Many sources try to explain these things; some of them are Tim Hackler s essays Biology Influences Sex Roles, Society Determines Sex Roles by Janet Saltzman Chafetz, The Other Difference Between Boys and Girls bye Richard M. Restak, and the last one is Letty Cottin Pogrebin s passage Growing Up Free: Raising Your Child in The 80 s .

Those essay writers has own different way of view to discussing Nature vs. Nurture problems and the differences between boys and girls.

Heredity is a derived character that came from our nature. It is the basic of all character of humans. Humans all born different, they came up with different types of sexes; both male and female are born in certain set of instructions build into their genes. These complex genes are resulting many different kind of behavior between male and females, especially in most early stages of life. For example, female infant are more oriented toward people, on the other hand male babies are more interested in things. This difference has something to do with the functional of the brain, in recent studies are found that male are more specialize in use of right brain while females using both right and left brain, which can affect someone s behavior.

Nurture, which is more closely related into environment, role, norm, and stereotypes , can affect someone s behavior by creating an image into the society. This type of influence mostly happens with or after the process of nature. For example, a parents whose knowing their baby was boy, they treat him as a boy, on the other hand if the baby was girl they treat her as a baby girl. This image can affect into the babies, they learn and knowing their individual talents by reflecting their parents ways. Another example of an image that creates by society is a generalization of sexual stereotypes. Men must be stronger than women, and women are more caring than men.

We still have a chance in order to ensure the development of our children into the best way. We can help them by give their individual talents growing as it should be. Since we can only control our environment, not our heredity, we must create a good society. A good society can create a good condition for our children to develop their individual talents.

In conclusion, Nature and Nurture can affect someone s behavior. They both are playing half and half, and it s has a different kind of effect and result. Both of these influences are important and cannot be separated.

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