Making Of A Writer


Making Of A Writer Essay, Research Paper

By: Paule Marshall

One woman tries to convey the “variety of voices” from West Indians and black

American Engilsh which are her heritage. She gained her knowledge through her

mother and her friens. She mentioned how listening to her mother affected her

life as to being the person that she is tody. She has become a successful

writer. (thesis) In “The Making of a Writer”, Paule Marshall demonstrates

that although she grew up in a kitchen listening to her mother and friens

talk, not being able to be heard, she learns a few things through her mother

and her friends.

(topic sentence 1) Marshall’s mother and her friends got together for a

cup of tea or cocoa and to talk a bit before heading home to their

families. They got together in their brownstone home kitchen in Brooklyn

everyday for about two hours. She and her sister would be seated doing

homework while the ladies talked endlessly. They talked about political

events and historical events like wars and the rumors that went on of wars

that took place back then. They also talked about their home in the

Caribbean and also their adopted home —- AMERICA —-.

(topic sentence 2) The rule for children in the 30’s was for them to be

seated in the corner of the room, being seen, but not heard. Marshall

wasn’t able to join in on any of her mother’s conversations. She was only

able to listen and not say a word. Marshall may not have been able to

talk much within the crowd of older folks, but she sure did learn a lot

about some events in the past and also about her heritage through

listening to her mother’s conversations as she grew up.

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