The Rule


The Rule Essay, Research Paper

The Rule

When one turns eighteen years old they are looked at, by many, as an adult. They can vote, probably stay out later, receive more responsibilities because now those responsibilities can be handled. They will soon leave home and start a journey to college. They will be on their own, free to make their own decisions. They will rely on no one but themselves.

If we are given in college the freedom to do as we please then why are their rules when we get there? I am not talking about drinking, or smoking in the rooms. Or how much noise we can make after a certain hour. Colleges have to be strict on those issues because they can be unsafe to the individual or people around them. By keeping the noise down we are only being considerate to other people.

The rule that I feel is ridiculous is the visitation rule. Why can a guy be in a girls room all day, or a girl be in a guys room all day, but must leave at night? Their is no harm being done if he or she stays. If your roommate doesn’t mind then their shouldn’t be a problem. If we are told that we are responsible enough to go and live away from home, then why does it matter who we live with? Why aren’t we trusted when it comes to that issue? I feel that one should be trusted until one proves otherwise.

The rule may forbid boyfriends, girlfriends, or just friends to stay in a room, but why family members? Have a heart. Your family member drives all the way to your school to see you and they must sleep some where else, why? Didn’t your brother or sister come to visit you in college? Didn’t you want him or her to stay with you? If they were a younger sibling wouldn’t it make you feel safer if they were by your side all night?

Listen, I am not attacking your decision pertaining to this issue. I am simply asking reasonable questions and stating reasonable ideas on why I feel this rule should be changed, or at least thought about. If we are said to be adults, and are expected to act like adults, then I feel we should be treated like one in all aspects.

It’s hard growing up. The challenge of moving away from home can be hard for some people. But to grow one must step forward, take risks and challenges, and be given a chance. Having someone by your side through the day and night can make it a lot easier.

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