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? 1, 2, 3, and I come from the wicked style you know that I?m from the wicked crew, act

like you knew….? Korn, the mere word means so much to so many people. They are one of

the pioneers in today?s modern rock world. They?re also a band that many fans look to

with their meaningful lyrics and awesome sound. Korn is by far the best modern rock band

in music today due to their music, sound, lives, and performances.

Out of the small town of Bakersfield, California, in the early nineties, came a

sound. A faint whisper at first, it grew in force and intensity with time, unhindered by

the yapping mouths of politicians and parents alike. It rang in their ears. It plagued their

minds. It genuinely terrified them. The voice, talking in low-tuned rhythmic tones, spoke

for a generation that would have no more of modern America and its leaders. A generation

fed-up with lies, violence and greed from their own society. It grew and grew as more and

more people realized the veracity of its claims, and adhered to its cause. The politicians

grew fearful, and attempted to end its spread by censoring and denouncing. Little did

they know that, six years later, that small whisper would grow into a deafening scream, a

disturbingly present reminder of its own existence, and of its legions of followers… Led

by Jonathan Davis under vocals and bag pipes, Munky under guitars, Head also behind a

guitar, Fieldy behind the bass and David Silveria behind the drums. This sound

revolutionized today?s music.

Through Korn?s lyrics, we hear their lives and what they have gone through. A

reason why many people like Korn is because their lives can relate to many people?s

because they were never fed with silver spoons, and they had family. social, and personal

problems too. I think it?s real good that, that is who they are and they let people know

that they went through the same things as many other people have to go through, and

that they aren?t afraid to say. Which also makes people like them too, because it helps to

know that somebody that big went through these things and made it through. And not

only made it through but also made it big. Which is good to know because you can look

at them and how they set their dreams and than look at your dreams and go for them.

Another thing that helps people around here is that they?re local. They came from the

same places as we do and they made it in this world. It just shows that it doesn?t matter

where you come from, it matters if you want it and want to go through the trouble to

work for it. That and you can be proud that you can say that somebody that famous

comes from around the same place you do. Especially if you like them.

Through their music, they tell about real life scenarios, their lives, and other

controversial things. I think that people like Korn?s music for many reasons. I think some

like it because it?s just what other people like it or just because it?s rock and you can?t

really like modern rock without liking Korn. which is sad because Korn is such and awesome

band. and that it?s sad to not truly appreciate a band and just like them because it?s the

cool thing to do. Also fan?s like Korn?s music because of their lyrics. People like that lyrics

because of the way they flow and some people like them because of their maturity or

volgerness. Which is sad because you should like any music for that reason. The audience

also like the music?s meanings. Not just the lyrics meanings because music does not just

have meaning by the words in it, but you can find the meaning in the sounds. You can

feel anger, happiness, sadness, excited, many emotions through the music. People like this

because when you?re depressed you can listen to something happy. Or when you need to

relate to someone but have no one maybe you can relate to the music, or if you?re sad you

could listen to a uplifting song or you might want to listen to sad music to relate.

The fans are also attracted to their sound. This pioneering sound that came from

Bakersfield in 1996 was different from everyone else. They were the first of their kind,

the hard heavy sound of Fieldy, Head, David, Munky, and Johnathan. But not only was

the sound of the music pioneering but the voice behind the mic was too, it was a strange

sound with growling, moans, and singing. A new sound, a awesome pioneering sound and

the fans were ready. Another reason the fans liked the sound was because they were

different from anything they had ever heard. Maybe some of them had heard the sound

in the garage next door, but the public, the fans hadn?t heard it but when it came, at first

a whisper but than a scream. They were ready. Weather it was the new guitar drifts of

Munky and Head, or it was the bass of Fieldy, the drum drifts done by David, or if it was

the voice of Johnathan. It was definitely different, and they liked it. The sound was liked

also because it was revolutionary, it was new and it was bad. It was rebellious, it was

hurtful, it was emotional, it was everything many people had been looking for and when

it hit it was a boom. People dropped the old sound they clung on to and they went to Korn.

For those fans that have ever seen Korn in concert either by them actually being

there, on television, on video, on news, or by the word of mouth of those who have been

there. Pretty much everyone would agree. Their awesome performance stuns those people

and leaves them in a state of awe. With the mosh pits, the bright lights, the crazy

people, and with the loud music, it?s something that many never forget and go to

experience it again. Also people enjoy their performances by the emotion of everyone, not

just the members of Korn but all the fans too. It?s the state of excitement during the

heavy songs, the state of sadness during the sad songs and the state of anger in the angry

songs. Everyone feels the same thing, everyone feels all apart of it. Another reason for

many would be the energy. The energy of the band as they?re head banging, or playing

slow to a sad song. The energy of the ground as they are mosh pitting, or as they are

singing every word to the slow songs, or as they are head banging in unison. It?s all that

energy focused to the same place to all those people that captures them, the fans.

Many people like Korn for all these reasons and more, that is why they?re so

popular. Because they are so popular and they produce good music, awesome sound, great

performances and had different lives, that makes them the best modern rock band today

and maybe forever.


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