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The electric guitar can be classified in three types on the basis of varied sounds. The most important thing relating to sound are the pick-ups. There are two types of pick-ups that come in guitars, double coil and single coil. A Double coil offers more clarity and has warmer tone. The single coil has more of a sharp tone, which distorts the clarity. Another important part of the guitar, which reflects on the sound, is the strings. There are many different sizes of strings. The lighter, or thinner, strings create a sharper tone, but aren’t as durable. They are more likely to break and fall out of tune. The bigger string creates a warmer, phat tone, and are much more durable. Another thing that may come on the guitar is a whammy bar. A whammy bar is a bar that bends the strings to create a different tone. The only problem with the whammy bar is that the strings are more likely to fall out of tune. There are many other parts to a guitar that are important to the sound but these are the most distinguishable factors.

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