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The reality of being on an island is one that sets our inner-selves free. When we

embark on a voyage to an island, we are really embarking on a voyage to discover

ourselves. An island is a place where we let go of our made up personalities, and become

who we really are deep inside. With no involvement from the outside world, you get

time to reflect upon who you are. If you tried this in the convenience of your own home,

you would have a much different experience. For these reasons, I believe Phillip

Conkling is correct in his statement about what islands do to us.

In my own past, I have had certain experiences that have changed me as a

person. It was on Bar Island when I was a mere eight years old. I remember this time

because while visiting the island, I walked of to explore on my own. As I carried my

little legs down the beaten path, I felt a sense of serene tranquillity all around me. The

whole time I was walking, I was learning about myself in ways I would ve never

known. When I played on the rocky beaches, I learned that deep inside I was much

more creative than I imagined. I built quaint houses for the little people , and I

discovered my advanced knowledge of design. Now you ask why I couldn t do this at

my home just as easily? It is very complicated to describe it accurately, but when on an

island, there is an aurora of magic surrounding you. It feels like a whole knew desire as

you take a step on the island. Perhaps it feels this way because of the openness around

you. Being secluded from everything but the island and you is a feeling that opens many

unlocked doors. These doors can be anything that lurks deep within your body and soul.

It is in my opinion that an island can help you get to know yourself. That time

alone, or even with someone else, is a time very hard to come by on the bustling

mainland. Yet, being alone on an island, big or small, is something completely different

than being in the deepest woodlands. Afar from everything but the water, islands are

places to reflect and understand yourself more clearly. Conkling s statement that islands

force you to become who you are, is very true in my opinion, and that is why I believe

what he says. For as we move forward in our modern society, we lose time to really get

to know who we are. By visiting islands in our bays and oceans, we can take time off

from societies distractions, and revisit ourselves.

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