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Tuesday, Decembor 5, 2000

Insanity Plea

Well you finally graduated high school. And you are about to start the new life that waits. You have been a top-notch student. The grades that were brought home during your 12 years of high school were enough to put you on the high school honor society. Almost all of the classmates love you. The great kid you were at home, and how helped others allowed you to get help whenever you had needed it. The life that you earned as a hard working individual is about to pay off. Until the one-day you make the worst mistake that you have ever made in your entire life.

This is the story of James Miller. A normal 19-year-old kid who had everything going for him that anyone could imagine. Up until the day these mysterious voice inside of him left out a cry of anger and confusion to kill, kill, kill. This was a man in his prime set to be a United States Marine. One of the few, the proud. Willing to serve his country in whatever way was needed. But then he made the fatal mistake, which took all of his life long dreams, everything that he had worked for and threw them out of his way.

This mistake came when the young man picked up an AK- 47 and gunned down one of his fellow classmates. He shot the man 4 times in the back in cold blood. Unable to deem that he was aware of his actions on that dreadful day. He was tried and told that he would spend the rest of his days rotting away in a cell, never again to see freedom. Until which his lawyers tried the insanity plea out during his case. They stated that the voices of anger that erupted in him are what committed the crime not the innocent boy that he was. Through out this report I will argue the finer points of how the insanity plea should be taken out of our current legal system. And showing that any act of violence committee you should take your punishment and best fit for that crime.

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