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Sex on television. Murder in the schools. Racism, greed, selfishness, and indifference permeate the luxury in which Americans surround themselves. Modern society has fallen from grace. Famous philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche saw this long ago and in the midst of an apathetic world coined the prolific phrase: “God is dead.” This statement was thought blasphemous by many and its credibility was never fully realized. This essay will give examples of society’s lack of faith in God and point out how this supports Nietzsche’s phrase.

Douglas Adams helps shed light on Nietzsche’s seemingly extreme statement. In his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide from the Galaxy, he writes that God refuses to prove that he exists because “proof denies faith and without faith [God] is nothing.” As God’s people rely on Him, he relies on the people for faith. Modern society is relentlessly struggling to define and understand, therefore eliminating all need for faith. “God is dead” does not necessarily mean that the being no longer exists, but that society’s faith in Him has died. God exists, but is powerless to assist those who have no faith. It’s as if there is a thick cloud of doubt and disbelief that is generated by today’s society which separates God and the people, and the cloud gets thicker each day.

Technology is a major factor for diminishing faith. As the quality of technology increases, the need for faith decreases. Meteorologists strive to predict the future in nature. The Internet makes the world smaller by developing better communication between long distances. As we conquer the physical world with knowledge, there is no need for reliance on religion. Also, as technology helps people overcome natural disasters such as hurricanes, disease, drought etc. the reliance on God is diminished. It is easier to depend on the National Guard than something that cannot be seen.

Today is a hands-on society. When anything can be duplicated on the television or computer or in virtual reality, the average person becomes skeptical. God is not something tangible and therefore is subject to suspicion. The word of religion is doubted and faith dies, and with it, God. Society also has to try everything. Limitations are looked shunned and rules are expected to be broken. Any person, religion or belief that keeps people from acting upon their impulses, whims and desires are abandoned. The separation of people and God grows when His rules are not followed. Just like a disobedient teenager running away from their parents, society has divorced itself from the belief in God.

As long as society focuses on knowledge, technology, and material, tangible things, society will continue to run away from God. Until the focus can be turned away from proof and turn towards faith, Neitzsche’s statement will continue to ring truth. Perhaps God is dead, but only through faith can He live again.

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