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A few of the things they discussed were the fact that it didn’t need to be hot to have a drought, the colors of the leaves during the fall, the fact that most perennials wouldn’t survive, and how some of the animal species wouldn’t survive either.

They explained that it didn’t need to be hot to have a drought. Lack of water doesn’t always exist when there is no rain. They said that this year was the driest that it has ever been recorded.

We have talked about how the fall colors wouldn’t be as “pretty” or colorful as they would normally be because of the fact that they would stop photosynthesis early to insure survival first. They’re doing this by concentrating on storing the food and water they already have.

Most of the local plant-life would live because it was used to having to deal with such conditions but the perennials that for the most part were brought here aren’t used to dealing with these things.

They also talked about how some animal species populations would drop because “For animals like the mole and the woodland salamander, the drought has driven its food — grub worms and beetles — deeper into the soil.” But this doesn’t really apply since this is a botany course J.

I found this interesting because there was a Xavier professor, Dr. Stan Hedeen, quoted in it. Also the fact that I already knew about some of this and that I knew something that was being written.

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