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This book is called Brian’s Winter. It is the sequal to Hachet. The plane Brian is in crashes in the Canadian wilderness. Brian learns to survive with a bow and arrow. He is rescued and the story ends.

In Brian’s Winter, he is not rescued and is still living in the wilderness having several things leftover from the plane, such as pots and pans, gear, and several packets of freeze – dried food. The food runs out and Brian lives off berries growing in the wild.

He then learns to use a bow and arrow and shoots small animals for food. He thinks about his mother and her mannerisms. He thinks of the past, and then comes back to reality.

He kills several rabbits and stiches the fur together and makes a vest for himself. He meets a skunk and decides to call it Betty after his aunt who waddles like her.

One night Brian is sleeping and a bear comes along, goes up on two legs, and is

perfectly willing to attack. Then along comes Betty to save him(or the food he gives her). The the skunk sprays the bear and the bear leaves. In order to keep himself safe from the bear he makes a stronger weapon – a stronger bow and arrow plus he makes a lance. A rock that is sharp and chipped away with a pointed head.

Brian goes out hunting in the dark, cool night and happens to come across a moose. The moose charges toward him, and he has his lance ready. She goes right into the lance neck first.

The skin was harder to separate from the guts than the deer was. He cuts into the stomach of the animal and the entire guts comes out. Without the guts it was easier to


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He ate the next day barbecuing the moose meat and

the rain came………again. Something magical happened – the rain turned to light snow.

He had made a pair of mittens from the hide of the moose. Then he noticed on his

wall (he has a wall side that he keeps the days on) that it is the end of November. So he had a big dinner that night.

It seemed as though he was in a dream, he heard a rifle crack or a sound like it. At the third crack he was on his feet. He yelled in the direction. He couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or not.

The next day he couldn’t find tracks. He was leaning against a tree when all of a sudden the tree exploded from the inside. He picked up a piece, it was frozen solid! The tree just went through something that is normal.

He made some snowshoes and walked through the snow and this lightened his whole attitude.

Out by the lake he went walking and found a wolf print and a straight line. He found out that in nature few things are perfectly straight.

He decides to follow the line by seeing which way the wolf print goes.

When he finds the end after a day of following, he finds a crude lob cabin with dogs tied to a tobgan. A man comes out and says to Brian “we have been wondering when you would come.”

That is the end.

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