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Accidents from hunting occur all over the world. Any kind of hunting accident are mainly self inflicted. You are either careless or plain old dumb and should not be hunting.

Hunting is considered dangerous with the people who are unfamiliar with the sport. I think that hunting accidents may get more media attention than injuries in other sports because they are so rare. Mandatory hunter education courses throughout the United States help reduce the number of hunting accidents. Because they teach future hunters to identify your target and make sure that it is not another hunter. Hunters get in many accidents just from mistaken identity and thinking a person looks like an animal and hearing something and not seeing what that noise could actually be are all self inflicted. This is how many hunters who have gotten shot or killed because of the careless acts by not positively identifying that it is an animal and not another hunter. This means that before some one decides to shoot at something, they must know that it is an animal and not just some innocent hunter walking through the forest. Unfortunately there is really no way to stop every single accident that could occur. The hunter safety courses are going to have to just teach and teach and teach to do their best to prevent hunting accident. So the problem of hunters shooting other hunters will happen, but most likely not very often.

In conclusion, hunting accidents will always happen but only by those who are not good at making their brain work to use those extra couple of seconds to identify something.

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