Absolute Power


Absolute Power Essay, Research Paper

Absolute Power

This job started off as any other for 66 year-old Luther Witney. He had everything checked off as he was about to break an entering into the worlds richest mans mansion in Mudleton, Virgina. He successfully got in and went straight up to the vault in which he noticed some time earlier when he got a tour of the house. Once he got in the vault he started to throw in everything to his bag starting with nicely bundle bills to the jewelry. When he was about done he heard voices of people coming up the stairs. He locked himself into the vault and waited. Two people entered the room, which were a man and a woman. He was unsure who it was at first then when the lights turned on he noticed that it was the President of the United States and Christina Sullivan. They were intoxicated and began to mess around. Luther was in the vault which could see everything and was a one-way mirror therefore, they couldn?t see him. What happened next began the plot of the whole story. The President began to get a little rough with Christina and she started to reject him. She tried to get off and he wouldn?t let her. Finally, she got a hold of a letter opener and tried to stab him with it. Two special secrets came in and let out 2 shots in her head and instantly killed her. They cleaned everything up and showed it was the act of a robber. After they left Luther got out and noticed that they left the letter opener in which had the blood of both parties on it. He took it and left. They soon found out that there was someone else in the room in which saw the whole thing. The whole story is about the truth and honor of a regular person of society verses the power and anguish of the President of the United States. Who does the law get a hold of first? Read this chilling thriller to find out. I rate this book a 9 because of the great detail and moving story. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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