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There is one part of my life that no one knows about. This secret has caused me to act in ways I thought I wasn’t capable of doing. For the past five years, I have been a keeper of this secret, with no intentions to let go of it.

I have purposely lied to my loved ones, for the fear of the revelation of my secret would alienate me from the ones I love. In order to guard my secret, I have become very deceiving, alienating, and paranoid. I would avoid conversations that I thought would somehow lead to the discovery of my secret. I became very selective with the people I communicated with. I have in term become a prisoner to this secret, letting it control my every action and thought.

I know I should tell my close friends and family about my secret. I cannot go through my life continuing to deceive the people closest to me. Why can’t I have the courage to tell people my secret? I envy those who can speak their own mind proudly and not care of the consequences his words can cause him. I dream of that day when I can be liberated from the chains of my secret, and show the world the real me.

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