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Whites V. Slaves Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the nineteenth century, the relationship between Africans and White settlers had never been exactly pleasant, most Africans were slaves who were usually treated badly and therefore never did respect their white owners. However, over time, these slaves began to revolutionize their culture, language, and points of view based on their environment. Many changes were occurring in this period of time, thus creating countless opportunities for the African Americans to fabricate their new culture.

A catalyst to this development of the new society is the noted differences the Africans and whites possess. Many of the Africans despised the whites, so they tired to stay as far away from them as possible, this rift in the peoples created the main African culture, purely based on the opposite ideas that the whites held. On the other hand, many times the White people would help out the Africans, and a bond would form between the slaves and their master. Although the groups tried to remain different in this situation, the ideas between the two mingled together and they influenced each other.

As horrific as slavery may have seemed at the time, I think it may have been a ?positive good?, simply due to the actuality that at this time, White people were exceedingly ignorant, and without slavery, they possibly would not have a way of dealing with interactions with the slaves. As we look to post-Civil wartime, up to the time of MLK, we see that ignorance was an infestation throughout all of us, without the slavery, Africans were treated with the utmost disrespect. Common rights were stripped from them, and at times they were reduced to being treated like animals. During the period in question, the two races grew into coexisting without any major conflict or altercation.

Comparatively to the north, the slave southern states did not seem to treat its workers any worse. It was said that at the time, the slaves were achieving better shelter, food and clothing. The migrant workers in the north at many times worked similar 10-14 hour shifts, and at many times, the slaved did not work that many hours, depending on what type of system they were working. Plus the workers up north did not have much food to eat, or clothes to wear, something the slaves did enjoy. Plus, without the slaves, the south would not be able to keep up with the industries the north possessed, so the Africans helped the South prosper into an area that was able to support itself.

The African American Slaves and the White settling masters could not find common grounds on most things, but many times, they somehow got ideas that seemed to mingle with each culture. And although slavery seems like a completely wrong thing and completely immoral, I somehow feel that the slavery at this time with this given situation should be thought of as pro slavery.

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