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The Visitor Essay, Research Paper

This task on ‘The Visitor’, is a conversation based

in the future between the boy and the father (visitor) in the story.? This conversation is a imagination of what I

think the father and child would have been talking about if they were to have

met ten years later from when they last saw each other.Orlando and

his father, Mr Patterson, decided to meet again ten years later from the day

they last saw each other.? They both

decided to meet in a restaurant ten miles away from Orlando’s home.? ? Mr P: Welcome son, you look so

much different from when I last saw you.?

Did you find this restaurant ok? Orlando: Yes father, but I have more

important things to discuss, I dreamt about you all my life and wondered where

you’ve been all this time.? I only

agreed to come today to find out what really happened between you and my

mother.? My mother used to get so up set

every time I mentioned something about you.?

I missed out on so many things that children got taught by their fathers.? I had to watch other fathers teach there own

sons how to shave and how to bring up their own families, so why should I

forgive you for coming back into my life??

You?re the one who messed up my life in the first place, not mentioning

my mother. Mr P: Now calm down son, I’m

sorry for not coming back after that day, but I was scared of what you might

have done to me if I had done, you’re much bigger now from the last time I saw

you, who knows what would have happened.?

Plus your mother made it perfectly clear that she didn’t want to see me

again, remember what she said. ?She said

‘I brought him up all these years, I don’t need your help now’.? What was I supposed to do? I dreamt about

you as well, but not only from that day when I came to visit, but also from

when you were born.? I always dreamt how

it would have been if I was a proper father to you, I know I let you down, but

please give me another chance to make up to you.? I never left you because I never loved you.? I left because of another reason, which I

think you should ask your mother about, I don’t think it would be right coming

from me.? Your mother and me argued all

the time when we were together, but after I left her, I regretted every minute

of it.? Your mother was a nice and

pleasant woman and she looked after you as a mother and a father, which I think

is quite special, you’re very lucky to have her. Orlando: Father, why did you come

back that day? There was a

long silent pause. Mr P: I had to, I couldn’t stop

dreaming about you.? I kept wondering

what you looked like and how your mother was getting on after all these years,

I had to check up on you.? Your mother

was so upset from the day I left her, I had to sort it all out.? That?s what we were talking about the day I came

to visit before you got called into the room.?

I wanted to come and help you, that’s why I offered you that money.? Your mother couldn’t work and look after you

at the same time.? I just wanted to come

and help you in you financial situation, but your mother thought I was trying

to buy you back, which I wasn’t, I just wanted you to have that money to try

and remember me by.? I wished I never

came that day, I was horrified of what might have happened. Orlando: No, no, father I’m glad you

did come that day.? I always wondered

what happened to you, I thought I never had a father.? I thought you were dead or something, I didn’t know that you were

living in the same country as us.? I feel

good knowing that I got a father to look up to, but I wonder what it could have

really been like if you and my mother were still together.? Why don’t you try and get back with my

mother, it will be good, we can be a family again. Mr Patterson

put each of his hands on the side of Orlando’s face and looked him in the eyes.

Mr Patterson had a small tear coming out of his eye running down the side of

his face. Mr P: Well son, we have to see

what happens, it’s all in God’s hands, what ever happens, it happens for a

reason.Orlando got

his wish, his father and his mother got back together two months after this conversation,

and lived happily ever after.

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