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THE PROBLEM AT HAND The public, in general, tends to exploit many social issues, because gossip is a way in which people escape from the planks in their own eyes. Although exploitations of the problems that plague society s neighbors render relief on troubled souls, there are a few subjects many would find rather vexing, such as, dysfunctional families, mental illness, and the search for personal fulfillment. A dysfunctional family is so common place, that many would not recognize one if confronted by it. Or perhaps they could discern it, but choose to dart in the opposite direction, in fear of inviting conflict. If onlookers remained silent about the situation, family members could grow apart; thus, becoming silent towards each other. Though if a spectator were to comment on the inner workings of their family, one might assume this person was out of context; therefore, intruding. Another issue the public tends to overlook would be the state of mental illness. All to often people assume that a person with a phobia, an addiction, or any other mental impairment, is insane. What the social public must strive to realize is that the key word in mental illness, is illness. People must force themselves to understand that just as a person with a cold will see a doctor, so would a person with a cold of the mind ; the difference in these doctors is that one is called a Psychiatrist. By exposing one s mental deficiency, a person runs the risk of being harassed and ridiculed. However, if one does not confront their incapacity to function, they might, perhaps, deny themselves the much needed help of restricting the mental cold from becoming terminal.

Personal fulfillment is another topic many unknowingly neglect. A numerous amount of people keep their personal fulfillment, to themselves in fear of being scoffed at. Some, by keeping their innermost desires a secret, would rather live in the ever evasive could of , while others will share their dreams, and with luck, have someone help in making them a reality. Ultimately, the issues society debates remain circumstantial. No matter what the topic of discussion, debaters will always find the pros and cons of revealed and alienated sociological situations. Perhaps the reason society doesn t debate issues such as, dysfunctional families, mental illness, or personal fulfillment is the fact that the populous simply doesn t understand the problem at hand.

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