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A Helping Hand

On a trip to play in a tournament in Chicago, my hockey team encountered some drunken gang members who chased us into our hotel. One of my teammates was punched in the eye and pushed into a bush. When we finally caught our breath, we told our fathers about the problem causing my father to rush down to the lobby. As he emerged from the elevator, seven men greeted him. Two of the younger men threatened my friend and I, which enticed us to yell back at them. As we were yelling back at them, the two men to attack us. My dad, who is a very powerful individual, impeded the men while dragging them out the front entrance. The police arrived shortly to arrest the men making me extremely proud of my father, whom I admire and would like to emulate because he has become such a strong figure in my life.

My Dad who can do much more than stop bullies, also possesses many skills that enable him to fix just about anything he can get his hands on. Our house, which used to look old and outdated, now looks like a brand new home because of all my Dad s remodeling. When we moved, my father immediately put in all new windows and hung new siding. Since then all the bedrooms have been completely remodeled with newly painted and repaired walls, new trim, and beautiful six panel doors. My dad, whose list of things to do never ends, also converted our kitchen, which used to look plain and disgusting into a beautiful and modern setting. My father s most recent project that I assisted him on, was rebuilding our entire deck last summer. I hope that I am smart enough to be as handy around the house as my father.

Ten years ago, my father, looking heavy and out of shape, decided that he needed to get back into good physical condition. At first, losing weight challenged my father forcing him to stay strong. After months of hard work, my dad finally reached his goal. Since then, my dad has exercised regularly by biking or running every day to stay in excellent physical condition. I hope I have the will power to stay in great shape when I grow older.

My Dad, who not only works hard for his personal goals, also works extremely hard to support and provide for our family. He has put fourth exuberant amount of effort to gain recognition at his workplace. My dad has worked for Hubbell Electric since he graduated from St. Louis University in 1977. His commitment to his job has enabled him to receive numerous promotions over the past twenty-three years he has work at Hubbell. He is currently the international marking manager for them, which allows him to launch the promotion of new electrical products worldwide.

In the previous paragraphs I have explained all of the great qualities my father posses. These great attributes that he posses have helped him shape me into the fine young man that I am. I have learned a great deal from my father, such as hard work and how it pays of in the long run. Another attribute he has installed in me has been the importance of good manners and getting along with all types of people because you never know when you might need them again. Finally, my father has instilled some great values in me, but his greatest value to me has been letting me be my own person.

In addition to my father s job with Hubbell, he is involved with our subdivision and my hockey team. This shows how much my Dad actually does for me. After working as much as he does to pay for all the things that I participate in he still took the time to be my hockey coach for ten years. I want to become a strong figure in my children s lives like my father has been in mine. My mom always tells me, Your just like your father. Sometimes she even means it as a good thing.

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