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I am your usual plant cell. There are trillions of my kind on all plants, grass, and trees. My breed ranges from ten to a hundred micrometers. I am approximately twenty micrometers since I dwell in grass. My organelles stretch out to one to ten micrometers. If you are asking what I really do and how I live, I am going to answer them in this paper.

First off, any cells requires a structure, metabolism, energy, nutrients, waste, and communication. I am more complex than most other cells. Bacteria cell only have a cell wall, cell membrane, and a cytoplasm. Animal cells do not have cell wall, vacuole and cytoplasts. I am a very extraordinary cell indeed.

Photosynthesis is the process which I develop. Every sunny day when I reserve water or consume water, photosynthesis occurs. The three main parts of this are for me to take in sunlight. I must be in a carbon dioxide environment because that is what I breathe. I also need water. These three things of matter are the necessary resources for my growth and expansion. Since this process uses sunlight, it is continually renewable, and thus the cause for all ecosystems. The process of photosynthesis occurs in my chloroplasts. The chloroplasts are large, complex, double membraned organelles. They also give the cell the color of green. Chloroplasts have their own individual mini-cells and own DNA. My chloroplasts produce oxygen and glucose as a byproduct which the mitochondria uses to produce energy in the procedure of cellular respiration. The mitochondria is like a power source to me. It takes the glucose and oxygen from the chloroplasts and batters it down to provide chemical energy or ATP. The chloroplasts and the mitochondria are both found in my cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is all things in me that are not an organelle. They are located just inside the cell wall and cell membrane. The cell wall provides structure and support for me. The cell wall is fabricated with a thin layer of cellulose. The cellulose is a polysaccharide made of many glucose units linked together. Just inside of the cell wall is the cell membrane. This part of my body gives an extra layer of protection and keeps things in and out of me. The cell membrane is mostly made out of lipids. The cell membrane is also permiable to water. Water can slip in and out of the cell easily through the cell membrane. This process is called osmosis. Within the cell membrane is my nucleus. The nucleus acts as a brain to me. It contains DNA and RNA which operate together to build and control the cell. The nucleus is a small tiny cell within me. It has a double membrane. The nucleus?s job is to produces proteins which are carried by my endoplasmic reticulum. The nucleus has its own layer called the nucleoplasm. The Nucleoplasm is made up of proteins and RNA which help in the formation of ribosomes. The ribosomes are minuscule organelles which take RNA from the nucleus and produce it into protein. . Connected from the ribosomes are the endoplasmic reticulum. The endoplasmic reticulum is a series of membranes and is located in several parts of me. These are all scattered throughout the cell and always attached to the cell membrane. Also from the endoplasmic reticulum are the golgi bodies. They take protein and wrap them in a membrane. They are discovered all over me. Lastly in my body is the vacuole. The vacuole is an organelle with no internal structure. It works as a storage place for me. It is located in the center of me.

Overall my cell is extremely complex with many parts. My model has tried to concur with it and resemble it as best as can be. My model is made up of cardboard, balloon, paper, gum, screws, and shipping fragile objects material.

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