Need For Speed


Need For Speed Essay, Research Paper

Vroom, Vroom the engine roared as Damian Ziek revved the engine. He sped off the street in his new stolen Ferrari Modena. He flew down 81st street faster than lightning. He left two black trails behind his tires that will probably be embedded into the gravel.

Damian Ziek is a 28-year-old car booster. He is known for his speed in stealing a car. His fastest time is 22 seconds on a 66 Mustang GT 500. That was at his prime, but now he can t get lower than 50 seconds. It all went down hill ever since his accident.

Ziek got injured in the Oil Tanker-Golden Gate Accident in 97. He ran into the tanker trying to get away from the cops. It was a two-lane street on the Golden Gate Bridge, and he was trapped. He was going around 110 in a Dodge Viper that he boosted. The oil tanker blind-sided him trying to change lanes. The Viper went right into the rear of the tanker. The tanker went off the bridge and Damian s arm got cut straight though his tricep. He got away from the cops safely trying to stagger across the bridge being unnoticed. He went to the nearest hospital and signed in as his other name , Giovanni Ribisi. He stayed in the hospital for a week and stayed another 6 months cooped up in his apartment in downtown San Francisco. For the next 6 months he worked out and tried to get his arm back into shape.

As soon as he thought it was good enough to get back into the boosting business, he did. And so now here he is screaming down the street in his new Modena. The cops got the call that this need for speed was taking place and got on it as soon as they could. Zeik was going through light after light. It started working after about 10 or 11 lights and he was losing the cops. But then all of a sudden, it happened. A car switched in front of him going to the opposite direction.

Oh Shhh he cried.

They collided and both went screeching down the road until they both came to a stop about a half block down. They were both knocked unconscious and Zeik went to jail.

He woke lying in a room with a table and a chair with him sitting in it. Once the cops noticed that he had gained conscious; they came in and got him to take his mug shot. He got his clothes and was sent to his cell with his new cellmate, Butch Duvall. Zeik was to stay there for 20 years for all the crime that he had done in the past years. He waited patiently for the moment they jail keeper would come in and tell him that he had served his time. He grew a good relationship with Butch and they decided to not go back to their life of crime.

Hey Butch Zeik whispered.

Yeah. Butch shot back.

Let s start our own Go-Cart track when we get outta here.

Sounds like a plan Damien.

And so after 30 years, the jail keeper came in, told them both that they were free to go, and they immediately built the track and got their business up and running. They now live in San Jose, California making thousands off their Go-Cart track.

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