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Holden says that a book can only be a great book if you have the urge to call the author after you had read his book, and if I had the chance to call two authors it would have to be Alexander Dumas and Samuel Clements. The opportunity to talk to these men about what their works have done for me and be able to ask these men is quite the task, but I believe that I make the time worth wild. Their novels The Count of Monte Cristo and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are by far my two favorite novels that I ve had the pleasure of reading, and I would like to discuss with them a few questions.

To Alexander Dumas my first question would be what inspired you to write such a horrible journey for such a likeable character? The story seems to be going in a love story direction then after a wait it turns into a suspenseful drama was that meant to be or is that a fluke? I would then ask him about his life and how France was a big part in his life but I would like to get to know him. To Samuel Clements my first question would be how did you incorporate all of Huck s stories so fluently and with such line and purpose? Then I would go on to ask about the river and what it means to him and how big a part it played in his life. To end the conversation I would end with did you ever feel a need to write a squeal to Huckleberry Finn?

Those two phone calls would be able to help me understand the creating process and how they do what they do. A chance in a lifetime and one that would treasure and find an answer for questions that only they could answer. Maybe Holden has it right if you do have to call the Author it is a great book and after thinking about he is.

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