The River


The River Essay, Research Paper

The River

The River facilitates. Demonstrates and points out the harsh and pacific realities of life. The river teaches us to let go of regret and move foward in one direction. The more constricted a river is the more violently out of control it becomes. Growth. Give the river credit. Every river is different. What matters? Why do you love? What do you know that no one else knows? Take a chance. Talk, listen, cry, roll off a waterfall. Laugh. You know how to laugh. Make a fool of yourself. Enjoy the high water, appreciate the lows… they’re humbling. Learn, learn about you. Be aware at what might be lurking around the bend. Patience. Slow the river down and melt into it. Be positive. Be hopeful. Don’t ever let anyone destroy who you are or what you believe. Be open to change and evolution. Accept. Reach out. Ask questions. Hear the answers. Live for the moment, anticipate the future. A good one, you deserve it. Work very hard, don’t stop. Admit weaknesses and conquer them…Your strengths will wash out any obstacles. Use your gifts. Yes you have gifts. Forgive. Let go. Swallow your pride. Move forward. Spit your pride back up when your done to make sure it’s still intact. Be gentle. Be strong. Keep a promise. Honesty. Conquer a fear. Forget fear. Don’t be perfect, be excellent. Be you. Falter. Balance. Moderation. Be grateful. Be real. Never give up. Don’t be afraid. You are the river. I believe in you.

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