My Generation


My Generation Essay, Research Paper

My Generation

To every upside there is a downside. The downside to my generation

has a huge impact on my generation. It used to be students bringing books to

school, now a days it?s a different story. Some students are carrying guns and

knives in their book bags to school fearing that someone might start a fight

with them. In some neighborhoods it?s not even safe for kids to play outside

without getting caught in a crossfire. Another big downside to my generation

in my opinion, is racism. Racism has always been in the spotlight of every

generation, but has dramatically increased in my generation. From police

brutality leading to riots in the Rodney King situation to wrongfully accusing

a man for murder, in the O.J. Simpson situation, all because the color of their

skin is different.

Tremendous changes have been made since Cooleys? generation, for

instance women have bigger and better job opportunities now, compared to

Cooleys? generation where women were overshadowed by men in the

working environment. Religion has always been a big issue and still is a big

issue, whether you?re buddhist, jewish, anti-christ, or any other religion,

religion has gotten more optional for many people. In the 1990?s there is a

wider variety of religions for everybody. A wider variety of music has also

opened up for everybody. Sometimes a persons personality is based on the

type of music they listen to. As we take a look back into time where cable

channels were limited and big boat like cars running on high octane gas, its

safe to say technology has made it easier for society in the 1990?s.

From body piercings to tattoos to whatever trends many movie stars,

atheletes, and musical artists that my generation sees on T.V.,many people in

my generation tries to imitate. My generation for a fact is a very trendy

generation. Everybody in my generation looks like everybody else wearing

nothing but brand names such as Abercrombie, Polo, Nike, Hilfiger, and

whatever other styles they see on T.V.

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