Mixed Marriages


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Experts now suggest there?s “an increase in the number of interracial marriages in America and it’s an encouraging sign,? Yet there will always be people who oppose of it, and would not permit it in their own family. Today, mixed marriages are not defined only as marriage involving two

people with different ethnic backgrounds, but also a relationship having different religious views and beliefs.

A person who grew up in a financially challenged home might have difficulties relating with the higher economic status of the opposing family because they might feel they are not of the same quality. Even a person with a last name who has obtained a bad reputation or enemies with the family is a potential threat if one person from both sides fall in love with each other. Love is a hard thing to prevent. A relationship has many obstacles no matter what race, take Romeo and Juliet for example, same race yet faced with hate caused by families with differences. This has similarities to the struggle a multi racial couple faces. As Juliet said, “What’s in a name?? people should be asking themselves “what’s in a race??

When being involved with someone from a different ethnic background or different social status, there are six main questions often asked by the family: What will the family do with different traditions? What happens if the families from both sides have a disagreement? They will most likely not approve of being together. Will there be a family? What directions will the family take? How will the kids be raised? How will the origin of the family be handled? Can you respect each other?s cultural background and each other?s religious beliefs? If being in love makes two people very happy, shouldn?t

their family be happy for them? To think that they found someone whom is willing to love and respect their own family member? They shouldn?t be worry about what will happen to their family, but to realize that if their own flesh and blood wanted to be together with a special someone who is different, then they should be thankful that he or she can be as happy as they will be.

Kids from two different backgrounds can learn about more cultures when they are younger and, as they become older, they won?t have bias-opinions and pre-determined prejudice. They will be open to more new experience and idea, yet be more educated in worldly thoughts. They have more things to choose from as they develop into adults giving them a variety of life-styles.

Is it fair for the amount of melanin in your skin to determine whom you relate with and love? According to the dictionary the definition of love is affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests, no where in that definition does it say “only felt towards your own race”. So what?s the big deal, different colors and different ideas. Does a friend have to be of the same race, do all ideas and beliefs have to be the exact same? No, that’s not true and it?s not fair to suggest that it should be true. If not mistaken, being unique was taught to be a wonderful thing.

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