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Bertrand, Louis, LouisXVI , New York: Longmans, Green and Co, 1928, 355pp.

The reign of Louis XVI as described in this wonderful pice of literature, is glorified as being one of the few great ages in the history of western man. During his rule, the French culture achieved a perfection that was formerly unknown. Louis XVI sought to immortalize the list of acomplishments by establishing archives of his official documents and histories of his reign.

Throughout Louis XVI’s very long reign, the one period from 1661 to about 1685 was the period of greatest sucess of absolute monarchy. This is because all conditions and favorable circumstances combined to put all of the power into Loius XVI’s hands.

This book, in detail, shows in very great depth, hoe the Sun King lived his life and reigned over France. It gives specific details on the birth, life, marriage, family life and the way he ruled. It also shows how involved he was with the army.

The purpose of Louis XVI (the book) was to analyze and describe the life and times of this manand great leader. The book was presented in clear chronological order beginning with the birth of Louis. From there the reader is taken step by step, through his life and his rule.

Bertrand makes the book very interesting and uses specific dates to support everything he writes about. It is my opinion that some parts of the book are better than others but as a whole the book was a good read. The story is a deep examination of Louis XVI and his life.The author does not lack perspective and does not neglect any important phase of the book. Obviously he has done a great deal of research in

order to get the book together.His writing possesses a great style and not only tells the reader but also shows about the true life of the infamous Sun King.

Bertrand presents all aspects of his subject in a diligent and consciencious manner. The book is very worth while

and should be read by anyone looking to learn more about the reign of thr Sun King Louis XVI.

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