Chronological Order


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-399 pythagoreans discover irrational numbers

-240 Eratosthenes determines circumference of earth

-230 Archimedes determines fromulas for the area of a secton of a parabola formulas for the area of a section of a parabola

-200 Appollonius studies conic sections

-200 Euclid writes Elements

-100 Hipparchus develops the trig tables

825 Al-Khowarizmi uses Zero

1525 Rudolff introduces the radical sign

1535 Tartaglia solves cubic equations

1545 Square roots of negative numbers

1557 Recorde introduces the equals sign

1565 Goldbach states famous conjecture

1614 Napier invents logarithms

1614 Briggs uses base 10 logarithms

1621 Harriot introduces the inequality signs

1630 Oughtred invents the slide rule

1637 Descartes creates analytic geometry

1641 Descartes’ Geometrie was published

1654 Pascal and Fermat discuss theory of probability in their correspondence

1655 Wallis introduces the symbol for infinity

1660 Fermat leaves last theorem

1665 Newton invents calculus

1669 Barrow discovered the general solution for the tangent line to a curve

1675 Leibniz invents calculus

1696 L’Hopital wrote the first text on differential calculus

1715 Brook Taylor’s published account of polynomial approximations of transcental functions

1742 Goldbach states famous conjecture

1748 Agnesi writes Foundations of Analysis

1755 Euler shows that ePi i + 1 = 0 that epi i + 1 = 0

1770 Lambert proves pi is irrational

1773 Saccheri writes Euclid Freed of Every Flaw

1797 Lagrange proved the Mean Value Theorem

1814 Argand graphs imaginary numbers

1828 Gauss determines the convergence of infinite series

1830 Galois writes agout group theory

1842 Lovelace describes how to program Babbages “Analytical Engine”

1854 Riemann creates elliptic geometry

1854 Cayley uses matrices in solving equations

1858 Mobius strip is discovered

1888 Kovalevski is the first woman to earn a doctorate in mathematics

1895 Cantor creates transfinite numbers

1905 Einstein publicly formulated his theory on relativity

1910 Whithead and Russell write Principia Mathematica

1919 Alice Hamilton is Harvard’s first female professor

1931 Godel publishes “incompleteness” theorems

1942 ENIAC, the first electronic computer is invented

1974 Mrs. Greminger became a mathematics instructor at Valle High School

1975 Bill Gates started his computer company Microsoft

1976 Four color map problem is solved

1998 Mrs. Moll became a mathematics instructor at Valle High School

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