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Leadership Skills

There are many qualities that a leader needs. If a leader has all the qualities, often they will be a better leader. In the novel, The Once and Future King by T.H. White, Merlyn, a highly educated wizard and Arthur s tutor, teaches the soon to be known King Arthur many of these qualities. However, out of all of these, three are the most important. They are to have patience, to work with what you re given, and to not wage war unnecessarily.

Paragraph 1.

1.While a fish and goose, he learned important things about power and war

2.When Wart is a fish; he sees Jack, the king of the moat, tells him about might being right. (Jack talking)

3.Love is the trick ..There is only power. (52)

4.How people thought

5.Way people ruled

6.Wart turned into goose, learns about war, lyo-lok, is a goose terrified of war, (lyo-lok talking)

7.But what creature .murder others of it s own blood(170)

8.Lyo-lok thinks it is crazy to kill others

9.She is horrified of the thought

10.In conclusion, Wart learned important things from a fish and goose

Paragraph 2.

While a Merlin, Wart learned patience, and the ability to fool his enemies. For example, Wart had to confront Cully, who is one of the colonel hawks, that happens to be out of his mind, while the hawks bells rang tree times. His patience is shown while talking to Cully, never fear, sir, they only have to ring it three times (83). Wart s calmness and patience is extraordinary, considering Cully could attack him any second. Also consider the fact that Wart has no clue what Cully would do in this situation. Another example is when Wart tricked Cully just before he was going to attack him. This quote tells what he said to the crazy bird; there is a cat behind you (84). That is all he had to say in order to save his own life. Wart didn t have to shed any blood when he beat Cully. Concluding, Wart was able to defeat his enemy without waging war.

Paragraph 3.

1.While Wart was a badger, he learned something very important.

2.The badger who knows two things, how to dig a hole, and build a house, tells him a story about god, (man embryo talking)

3.I will not any of the parts you gave me(192)

4.The embryo chose to change nothing, and solved the riddle.

5. Instead of changing his body, the embryo will make tools to do jobs

6. Wart learned another thing from the story, (man embryo talking)

7. I think you made me …for reasons best known to yourselves(192)

8.The embryo took what he was given

9.He chose to accept it

10.In conclusion, Wart learned to work with what he is given.


Whether he was a fish, goose, Merlin, or badger. Wart learned many important things about being a leader. Merlyn taught Arthur many of these qualities, knowing of his future. The three most important ones being to have patience, work with what you re given, and do not wage war unnecessarily. Wart needed to learn these qualities because one day he will be King Arthur, and how can you be king if you aren t a good leader?

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