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As the flaming arrows rain down on Maligant?s troops, Arthur thinks he has the battle won; but Maligant also has archers. When Maligants archers start to return fire it evens up the battle. Then this seemingly one way battle erupts in to a two way blood bath. One of Maligants troops rushes towards Arthur with his sword raised, but one of Arthur?s knights puts his battle ax out totally taking the head off of Maligants troops. Although Maligants solider is decapitated his horse is running throughout the battle with the headless knight still on his back. This single event turns the tide in Arthur?s favor once again. So being the coward Maligant is he retreats. As Maligant is leaving with his dwindling army he swears revenge on Arthur. After Maligants troops are out of sight Arthur?s army celebrates for a few moments, but they know they need to depart to go to Leanness. On the road to Leanness Arthur and his troops come upon a road littered with traps. Despite all of these traps Arthur?s army arrives at Leanness. At Leanness Arthur and his army come upon a destroyed city with dead bodies littering the ground and the troops in Arthur?s army who haven?t seen or smelt death in this scale vomit in discust. As Arthur keeps on moving he comes upon a locked building that isn?t burning he orders his troops to break down the door so they do. In the building they come upon all of the reaming in habitants of Leanness. When they discover the living they rejoice for them and then at dawn they set out for Camelot. The trail back to Camelot is clear and everything seems to be good. When they all arrive at Camelot Maligants troops are inside of the walls destroying it. Arthur notices that his townspeople are already beating Maligants dwindling army, but his troops plunge into the city walls. Arthur?s troops finish off Maligants army, but Maligant himself has escaped. All of Camelot rejoices in the victory and Arthur calls for a celebration. At the party Lancelot approaches the queen. He says ?my queen when we were on the road to Leanness Arthur told how much you are to him and I now know that you two are met for each other. For now I will see you as my queen and not my love.? After Lancelot tells this to the queen she kisses him.

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