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All teenagers experience a stage of rebellion where they seek their independence from their parents. During these years of a teenager?s life, they learn things about life whether it may be positive or negative. The real test of individuality comes in where it?s up to the teenager to decide whether or not they want to change for the better after learning through their own personal experiences. Danny, a typical teenager, went through this same type of rebellion with his family. Hanging out with the wrong crowds and getting involved with illegal things, Danny was finding himself always in trouble either with his parents or with the law. He definitely needed something to turn his life around in the right direction. But unfortunately, it wasn?t until his father?s death that Danny realized he needed to change his

lifestyle. Because his father?s death had such a great impact on him, Danny decided to get his life on the right path by going back to school, working part-time, and changing his overall attitude towards life.

The most important thing that Danny now realized was that he needed to go back to school. Being a high school drop-out at the age sixteen, he decided that it was the right time to enroll in school in hopes of getting his high school diploma. He realized that without a high school education, he wasn?t going to get very far in his life. Before, not even caring if he would live through a whole day, Danny did not take his life seriously at all. The big difference now was that he contemplated about what the future had in store for him. Life now meant everything to him and he was going to do all that he could to make the best out of it. No matter what it took, Danny was eager to return to school and accomplish his goals.

In addition to attending school, Danny also managed to work a part-time job at a local restaurant. It was now apparent to him that he needed to help his mother with some of the family?s finances, since his father was now deceased. By contributing his paycheck to his mother, Danny became more

involved with his family. He was now able to communicate with them, thus creating a tighter bond between he and his family members. This contribution of money not only showed that he could take responsibility for himself, but it also showed how much he had changed. Danny was actually working for hard-earned money and not getting cash the illegal way in the streets. Danny?s effort to help out his family the best that he could was the second major change that he had made with his life, as a result of his father?s death.

After changing these aspects in his life, Danny?s overall attitude towards life was now totally different. Because he had decided to make major changes in the way that he lived, it was inevitable that his whole perspective on life would change dramatically. Danny now appreciated all the things he had in life, and recognized how his decision to change his lifestyle benefited him and his family in a number of ways. He definitely saw life with a positive attitude, which enabled him to follow through with his dreams.

An individual who decides to change their life around on to the right path is definitely worthy of admiration. Danny was a strong person who was

able to realize the major faults in his life, and then doing everything in his power to change them. Danny?s dramatic turn around has definitely been a positive effect on his life. Not only has his decisions made him a better person, but undoubtedly a person worthy of great respect and admiration.

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