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An example of monumental archetecture within the Aztec society is the great pyramid of Tenochtitlan. It was created by the revered speaker Montecuzoma I, who was the ruler ofthe Aztecs in 1466. The pyramid was not finished until the rule of Montecuzoma II,around 1508. (Carrasco, Moctezumas Mexico, Pg 49.) The pyramid was known to the Aztecs as the “icpac tlamanacali,” or The Great Pyramid. It’s base was square, and 150 yards to a side. It rose toa height of 70 yards, and had

smooth sides. The staircase ascending the front was actually two staircases, one for peoplegoing up and one for people going down. The staircases were separated by an ornamentalgutter for blood to flow down. The pyramid was used as an sacrificial altar on whichpeople were sacrificed to the gods, known to the Aztecs as the “Flowery Death.”(Jenning’s, Aztec, Pg 92.)by

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